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Building Material, Garden Equipment &Amp; Hardware

Hammer down sales barriers and welcome new buyers

Advance your hardware store’s efficiency with Priority’s advanced retail management system (RMS). Our unified mobile point of sale (POS) and kiosk applications ensure seamless integration with your central systems for comprehensive, omnichannel retail management. Gain an accurate, 360 real-time view of your inventory, track prices and sales, and customize your promotional strategy with personalized discounts and exclusive offers that resonate with DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors. Maximize profitability, attract new customers, and increase store traffic and customer loyalty in the highly competitive home improvement market.

Build customer loyalty: Turn casual buyers into loyal brand supporters

Priority’s customer loyalty management system is designed to foster lasting customer relationships in construction and renovation retail markets. Craft tailored loyalty programs designed to align precisely with the distinct mindsets and needs of various customer segments within the home improvement sector. Our advanced segmentation logic cleverly categorizes buyers to offer customized rewards, exclusive discounts and unique incentives that appeal to amateur renovators and industry veterans alike. Easily orchestrate omnichannel loyalty campaigns to build an engaged community around your brand, drive frequent visits, and maintain a reliable revenue stream.

Nail it every time: Equip for seamless omnichannel retail

Priority’s advanced headless commerce engine is designed to ensure a seamless, consistent customer journey across all touchpoints. Whether the customers interact via mobile apps, self-service kiosks, online storefronts, or POS systems in your brick-and-mortar locations, they will be offered real-time pricing, uniform promotions, loyalty rewards, and redemption options, no matter the shopping channel.

Sharpen hardware retail management with actionable analytics

Priority offers a powerful solution for creating smart, customized reports that incorporate data from diverse modules and areas within the building material, garden equipment, and hardware store’s ERP system to meet unique business needs of the DIY and garden stores retail industry, and facilitate informed, data-driven decision-making. Priority supports multi-company reports configuration, and allows users to apply sophisticated report settings (grouping, sorting and organizing data, aggregative calculations on columns, and incorporating expression columns) and seamlessly share insights within the organization to empower informed decision making crucial for your niche market.

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