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Optima Pms

Take your property to the next level with Optima PMS

When it comes to Property Management Software (PMS), there are many options available in the market, but the best one is undoubtedly one that offers a comprehensive set of features to manage all aspects of property efficiently and maximize revenue. Optima PMS is an all-in-one software solution that includes a comprehensive reservation module, 360 degree guest profile and complete folio control. Optima supports real-time online bookings integration with the leading international sales channels.

Improved decision-making based on comprehensive data

Optima’s front office management systems provide real-time monitoring and management of all aspects of hotel and property operations. This allows managers to make better decisions based on comprehensive data from all areas of the hotel/property. With Optima, you’ll have the insights you need to optimize your operations and improve overall performance.

Improved Decision-Making Based On Comprehensive Data

Streamlined reporting for revenue increase

Optima’s software makes it easy to generate detailed reports on all aspects of hotel operations, from guest bookings to inventory management. These reports help you identify areas where you can improve your processes and increase revenue. Optima also offers integration with leading online channels, giving you access to a wider audience and boosting your revenue potential.

Streamlined Reporting For Revenue Increase

Improved guests' experience

Optima’s comprehensive approach to front office management doesn’t just benefit hotel managers—it also improves the guest experience. With Optima, hotel staff can work more efficiently, reducing wait times and improving service quality. This translates to a better overall experience for hotel guests, who will appreciate the improved working process in different departments.

Improved Guests' Experience

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Key features

  • Real online bookings integration with the leading international sales channels
  • Effective and dynamic revenue management tools
  • GDPR compliant
  • Dual currency and multi-currency registration
  • Extensive open marketplace allowing integration with any external program, device and apps
  • Comprehensive reservation and Billing modules
  • Group reservations with flexible daily number of room types, rooms, guests, plans, prices and status’s
  • Unlimited number of tariffs and daily rates tables
  • Dynamic charts
  • Housekeeping and room maintenance
  • Unlimited number of reports
  • Full management of VAT and taxes suitable to your country’s laws
  • Multi lingual (translatable to any language)

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