Hotel Chains and Groups

Simplify all the operations of a hotel chain with feature rich multi-property management capabilities.

Hotel Chains And Groups

Take full control of your hotel chain operations

Fully manage your hotel chain operations

With a comprehensive all-in-one hospitality management solution, you can fully manage your hotel chain operations, no matter the size of your enterprise. Say goodbye to scattered and disparate systems and consolidate all aspects of your hotel chain management under one roof.

Manage all properties from one centralized location

From CRM, CRO, loyalty programs, multiple reservations, room inventory, guest profiles, check-in and check-out, to billing and accounting, housekeeping and maintenance, Optima allows you to manage all properties from one centralized location.

Leverage the power of unified hotel management

Manage all aspects of your properties from a single all-in-one hospitality management platform, to streamline processes, gain a real-time overview, and centralized control across multiple locations. Get real-time data and analytics on occupancy, room rates, revenue, and other key performance indicators to make informed decisions and optimize operations to maximize profitability.

Leverage The Power Of Unified Hotel Management

Enhance guest experience and drive revenue

Access guest information and preferences across all properties to enable personalized service and an exceptional guest experience that fosters loyalty and positive reviews.

Enhance Guest Experience And Drive Revenue

Maximize your reach with an advanced channel manager

Increase your property’s exposure and revenue by connecting to major online travel agencies such as Expedia and You can also connect with local agents for domestic tourism, implement a branded booking engine on your hotel’s website, and connect with additional channel managers to expand your reach even further. Optima allows you to synchronize your reservations calendar, easily adjust rates and restrictions and analyze reservations segmentation.

Maximize Your Reach With An Advanced Channel Manager

Harness innovation to stand out from the crowd

Create innovative applications and integrations that differentiate your offerings from competitors and provide your business with an advantage in a crowded and competitive market. Optima Marketplace provides a range of tools and resources that help developers create unique and customized solutions, from channel managers to revenue management systems and guest communication platforms.

Harness Innovation To Stand Out From The Crowd

Hotel Chains and Groups Key features

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A unified view of all hotel operations across different locations from one central Centralized dashboard.

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Centralized Reservations and customer relationship operations CRO management for all your locations in one place.

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CRM, in-house loyalty program management, and consolidated guest profiles across all properties, including preferences, history, and contact information.

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Process payments from one central platform for all properties.

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Manage financial transactions and reporting across all properties from a single location and streamlining billing and accounting.

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Seamless integration with 3rd party systems and tools, such as channel managers, revenue management systems, and CRM platforms.

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