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One omnichannel system to run your entire retail chain

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One omnichannel system to run your entire retail chain

Priority retail management software offers a range of features for fashion and apparel businesses. For example, pop-up stores and remote outlets can be quickly established to increase traffic, with payments processed anywhere using the Priority mobile POS.
Special offers, discounts, cross-sales, and upsell offers can be created to encourage customers to spend more to qualify for benefits. Additionally, brand gift cards can be offered to reach new audiences and increase store traffic, customer spending, and overall revenue.

Easily manage complex processes

The 3D Matrix Catalog feature allows for easy management of complex item catalogs, automating processes such as item setup, purchase order issuing, inventory document generation, and logistics handling. Series-level management streamlines purchasing, sales, and inventory processes, enabling different series and item types to be distributed to different customers and managed in other colors.

Optimize inventory management, reduce costs, and improve efficiency

The Priority system offers enhanced supply chain management features for apparel retail businesses, including automatic replenishment practices to ensure the right stock is in the right store at the right time. This helps to avoid overstocking and understocking, accelerate the order-to-cash process, and reduce inventory holding costs.

Quantities can be planned and managed based on store level and forecasted sales volumes, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions about inventory levels. Additionally, received items can be compared with those ordered, and products can be automatically moved between different forms to enable quick and efficient store distribution.

Optimize Inventory Management, Reduce Costs, And Improve Efficiency

Gain complete control through real-time analytics

Boost your operations using the apparel and fashion retail analytics and business reports available through the Priority system. The system provides complete, real-time visibility and total control of retail operations, enabling businesses to analyze data and identify customer behaviors, preferences, and spending habits.

This information can be used to create attractive promotions, special offers, discounts, and reward programs that meet customer expectations and encourage repeat purchases. Additionally, businesses can use the data to calculate average storage duration, identify the most profitable items and stores, and align replenishment strategies based on previous sales volumes and forecasted demands.

Gain Complete Control Through Real-Time Analytics

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Key features



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Real-time visibility and control


Inventory control and smart replenishment

Model, size, and color matrix

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Series-level management


Smart data grouping

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Complex costing schemes


Barcode scanning, label printing, green invoicing

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Mobile POS & mobile back-office

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International barcode scanning (GTIN)


Promotions, loyalty programs & gift card management


Fashion analytics, dashboards and reports


What is Priority for Fashion, Sports, and Footwear management system?

Priority for Fashion, Sports, and Footwear is a complete, all-in-one retail management system that caters to the specific needs of retailers in these industries. It provides centralized management of all aspects of the business, resulting in increased productivity and accelerated overall performance.

What are the distinctive advantages that Priority provides to Fashion, Sports, and Footwear businesses?

Priority for Fashion, Sports, and Footwear aids retailers in managing the entire product lifecycle, from manufacturing to inventory management and replenishment. The system also assists in purchasing, managing complex item catalogs, and running elaborate costing schemes.
With its rich set of productivity tools, Priority provides retailers in these industries with advanced automation capabilities, configurable management screens, and business intelligence reports to measure sales performance and streamline operations.

Can Priority for Fashion, Sports, and Footwear be integrated with ecommerce websites and marketplaces?

Certainly. Priority is a true omni-channel solution that can be integrated with ecommerce websites and marketplaces, treating orders from these channels as transparently as possible.
Additionally, Priority offers out-of-the-box integration with Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento), enabling you to synchronize the eCommerce shopping cart with other channels in use and take advantage of Priority's extended cart capabilities, such as automatic inventory updates into Magento and the downloading of orders from Magento into Priority POS.

Can customers receive promotions, discounts, and reward points when using any of the commerce channels?

Priority for Fashion, Sports, and Footwear is an end-to-end omni-channel solution that treats all orders from all channels equally. This means that regardless of the channel the customer uses, Priority can grant promotions, discounts, and reward points to any order.

Can customers receive benefits, discounts, and points on returned items (non-cash and carry orders)?

The Priority for Fashion, Sports, and Footwear system fully supports providing benefits, discounts, and reward points on returned items and ordered goods.

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