Portal Generator

Simple, no-code creation of web portals in minutes

Quickly extend your business operations beyond the office with an intuitive Priority form-to-portal conversion tool

Portal Generator

Effortlessly Create Customized Portals from any Part of Priority

Priority’s Portal Generator is a simple and user-friendly tool with which, in just minutes, you can extend your business functionality and accessibility by providing additional channels for your teams, suppliers and customers to connect with you from any device at any time.

Broad Set of Portal Use Cases

The Portal Generator allows for the creation of a broad set of portal use cases based on fields in a form, business rules or any match and logic which exists in the Priority system. For example, these include B2B customer sales portal, customer financial portals and vendor portals, to name a few. The creation of these portals is done in a secure manner and by means of simple settings and without code or need for programming skills, which allows any user to create these tools without the need for further development.

Broad Set Of Portal Use Cases

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Personalize And Customize Portals In Minutes

Personalize and Customize Portals in Minutes

Portal Use Cases

  • B2B Customer Sales Portal
  • Customer Finance Portal
  • Vendor Portal
  • Service & Scheduling Portal
  • Sub Contractors Portal
  • Company Users Portal
  • Surveys (customer surveys, vendor grading, customer feedback, etc.)

Priority’s Portal Generator Benefits

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Suitable for all audiences including: employees, customers, suppliers

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Expand business reach and enhance lead generation by reaching new audiences

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Automate workflows with a built-in, no-code web generator

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Support private developments

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All customizations can be done by any user that is familiar with Priority

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Key features

Personalized UI
Dashboard View
Flight List View
Landing Pages
eCommerce View
Questionnaire view
Wizard Mode
Schedule View

Personalized UI

Users can implement their company branding with the portal generator, using their own logos and color schemes

Dashboard View

Users can visualize KPIs through pie charts, bar graphs and list views as well as being able to drill down into each view and investigate data.

Flight List View

Departments are provided with an immediate view of their relevant critical information such as, procurement, sales orders, store keepers efficiency, distribution status, etc. with traffic light designations indicating issues that are urgent, problematic, already executed, etc.

Landing Pages

Any Priority form can be published to the generated portal used for capturing leads, event registration, HR or other activities.

eCommerce View

Users enjoy a shopping cart experience displaying the company catalogue with product images and full part specifications as well as showing relevant customer financial data such as discounts, bonuses, and more.

Questionnaire view

Priority surveys can be set up to elicit feedback and gain information from users by setting up multiple checklists for a variety of company needs such as service calls, procurement and customer satisfaction.

Wizard Mode

Processes can be automated to control the data entry flow.

Schedule View

Meetings and service calls can be displayed on an Outlook calendar with drag and drop features for scheduling meetings with the ability to drill down and view the data.


Do I need technical or programming skills to use the Portal Generator?

No, any User/Priority implementer with basic Priority knowledge can build a portal

Can I customize the portals I create?

Absolutely. Portals can be easily customized, including to reflect the brand of the user. Customizations can be done by any user who is familiar with Priority.

Is it possible to integrate the portals with other systems or tools?

The portal is an alternative UI reflection of Priority so any integration would be done on the Priority side and the portal will reflect it. Additional external web pages can be added as menu items in the portal.

Can I create mobile-responsive portals with the Portal Generator?

The portal is fully responsive, any portal page will work seamlessly on all mobile and tablet devices.

How secure are the portals created with the Portal Generator?

The portal generator establishes a direct connection to Priority's p.connect system, which leverages AWS security measures.

Can I get a demo of the Portal Generator?

Sure. Please reach out to us to set up a call.

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