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Your all-in-one mobile POS solution

QPOS, the ultimate all-in-one mobile POS solution designed for sales representatives and store staff, provides everything you need to enhance your retail performance, bust queues, and streamline your sales processes.

Enjoy the main benefits of QPOS:

  • Process payments anywhere in the store for maximum flexibility and convenience
  • Establish pop-up stores and remote outlets with ease, increasing your sales reach and driving revenue growth
  • Reduce store overcrowding and streamline checkout processes for faster, more efficient retail operations.

Discover the advanced capabilities of QPOS


Fully supports a variety of payment options, including barcode scanning, EMV, Swipe card, and Contactless, providing maximum payment flexibility for you and your customers

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Designed to work with specific, purpose-built devices published by Priority occasionally, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.


Enables payment processing in offline mode, ensuring business continuity and minimizing disruptions.

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Boasts enhanced resilience, allowing cellular communication and payment processing during electricity outages by utilizing the device's battery.


Features advanced security measures, including hardened devices and encrypted transport layers, making QPOS fully compliant with PCI 5 and EMV standards.


What is a Mobile POS solution?

A Mobile POS (Point-of-Sale) solution is a system that allows retailers to process sales transactions, manage inventory, and interact with customers directly from a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone. Priority QPOS is an all-in-one mobile POS solution designed for sales representatives and store staff. It aims to enhance retail performance, streamline sales processes, and reduce queues in stores.

How does a Mobile POS solution benefit retailers?

A Mobile POS offers flexibility and mobility, enabling sales representatives to assist customers anywhere within the store or even outside. It can reduce queues, speed up the checkout process, and provide a modern and interactive shopping experience. Priority QPOS allows for processing payments anywhere within the store, offering maximum flexibility and convenience. It can also help establish pop-up stores and remote outlets, expanding sales reach and driving revenue growth. Additionally, it reduces store overcrowding and streamlines checkout processes for a faster and more efficient retail operation.

Is a Mobile POS solution secure for processing payments?

Yes, most Mobile POS solutions come with encrypted payment processing, secure user authentication, and integration with trusted payment gateways to ensure the safety of transactions and customer data. Priority QPOS supports a variety of payment methods, including barcode scanning, EMV, swipe card, and contactless payments, ensuring a wide range of payment flexibility for both retailers and customers.

Can a Mobile POS solution integrate with other retail software?

Priority QPOS solutions can seamlessly integrate with inventory management software, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, loyalty programs, and e-commerce platforms, providing a unified retail solution.

How does a Mobile POS solution enhance the customer experience?

Mobile POS systems often lead to faster checkouts, personalized customer interactions, and the ability to showcase product information or promotions directly on the mobile device. This interactive approach can enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.

What are the key features to look for in a Mobile POS solution?

Retailers should consider features like easy-to-use interfaces, real-time inventory tracking, customer management tools, offline mode capabilities, secure payment processing options, and integration capabilities with other retail software.

Why is offline mode important in a Mobile POS solution?

Offline mode ensures that sales can continue even without an active internet connection. This is crucial for locations with unstable internet or during network outages, ensuring uninterrupted service and no loss of sales.

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