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Convenience Stores

Expand your convenience store's market reach

Priority’s state-of-the-art RMS features dynamic mobile point-of-sale (POS) and self-service kiosk applications. Ensure seamless integration with your central system to guarantee flawless inventory, price, and sales tracking. Implement customized promotional strategies such as personalized discounts and exclusive offers to maximize store profitability by increasing customer spending, acquiring new customers, and improving customer experience while increasing store traffic.

Transform convenience stores customer retention and engagement

Priority’s Customer Loyalty Management System is uniquely designed to create and manage various loyalty programs tailored to your business strategy.
Our innovative rule based, dynamic segmentation logic help create a customized customer retention strategy, by automatically categorizing shoppers to offer custom rewards, exclusive discounts, and unique incentives to attract new buyers and maintain customer loyalty according to the customer subdivisions. (e.g. Experimenters, high spenders, etc.) Seamlessly run omnichannel loyalty campaigns to build an engaged community around your brand, and generate a growing revenue stream.

Optimize vendor rebate processes

Easily manage vendor rebate agreements while automating rebate requests and reconciliation processes.
Tailored to meet the unique requirements of each vendor, Priority allows for various rebate formulas and handles periodical reconciliations with precision. Additionally, you can configure individual contracts for specific vendors, merchandise, periods, transactions, and even specific shops or marketing campaigns.
Upon approval of a rebate, an invoice is immediately issued. This updates the actual cost of the items, ensuring accurate revenue and margin reports and optimizing financial management.

Advanced convenience store inventory management and replenishment

Priority offers a comprehensive mechanism for replenishment that considers various parameters to automatically generate purchase orders from vendors or your central warehouses.
The Mechanism considers periodic sales rates, predicted inventory according to days required for sales, existing purchase orders and multi-store orders, minimum and maximum inventory thresholds, quantities in item bundles, and other relevant factors.

Priority streamlines the procurement process by automating it and helps retailers maintain accurate inventory levels and avoid stockouts and outdated inventory.

Advanced Convenience Store Inventory Management And Replenishment

True omnichannel retailing in convenience stores

Priority’s innovative Headless-Commerce engine ensures a cohesive customer experience across multiple points of customer interaction. It seamlessly applies the same promotions, pricing, loyalty points and redemption options across all points of contact, including mobile apps, self – service kiosks, web stores, physical stores and more.

This allows for easy integration and connection between various shopping channels, ensuring that customers receive consistent promotions, loyalty points, and stock information, regardless of where they shop.

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