Optima Event Management

Your All-in-One Platform for Hotel Event and Venue Management

Optima Event Management

End to end Hotel Event Management: From Proposal to Invoicing

Fully integrated with Optima PMS, Optima Events offers a comprehensive solution for planning and execution of events, conferences, meetings, and banquets. Optima Events ensures seamless management of all event aspects, allowing event coordinators to effortlessly synchronize room bookings, catering services, and conference room allocations, streamlining the planning process from initial proposals and agreements to final invoicing.

From boardrooms to ballrooms: seamlessly manage various event types and sizes

Optima Events offers unmatched flexibility in booking and managing various event types, from professional seminars and business meetings to personal gatherings like family events and weddings. It accommodates multiple booking statuses, including options, waitlists, and tentative or guaranteed reservations, complete with detailed attendee specifications for adults and children across each event segment. Optima Events helps manage complex configurations by integrating multiple smaller spaces into a singular hall so event planners can tailor spaces precisely to the scale required for each occasion.

Synchronize Hotel-Wide Operations with Event Execution

Synchronizing event logistics with other crucial hotel operations has never been easier. Optima Events enables unified booking of conference venues and accommodations, consolidating all associated charges—from banqueting activities and room nights to POS charges—into a single folio. This allows hotels to adeptly handle the complexities of comprehensive conference organization, offering a real-time overview of all departments engaged in the event’s execution.

Ensure Precision in Hotel Meal and Banquet Coordination

Optima Events provides an inclusive monitoring and management solution for the meal and snack services within the hotel, catering to both event-related and regular guest dining experiences. Easily manage mealtime workflows and table occupancies across all dining areas, including hotel restaurants and buffets. Optima events offers an overview of real-time operational status and staff performance, facilitating enhanced service delivery, and optimized dining room efficiency, and ensures guests and event attendees enjoy seamless dining experiences.


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Integrated Reservations

Combine hotel accommodations and conference spaces reservations into a single booking process.

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Consolidated Event Folio

A unified, single source for all event details, accommodations, meeting spaces, banquets, meals, and extras.

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Centralized Event Booking

A single system for Booking accommodations, conference spaces, and banquets through a single interface by a single hotel staff member

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Dynamic Space Allocation

Manage and set limits for dining room occupancy to ensure optimal use of space at any given time.

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Meal Planning

a comprehensive meal forecast that includes the dining requirements of both hotel guests and event attendees.

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Automate the issue of event-related documents; quotes, contracts, function sheets, and more.

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