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Enhance student learning with cutting-edge SMIS for teachers

Priority School Management Information System (SMIS) empowers teachers in managing, tracking, and supporting their students’ learning processes. The system facilitates school faculty collaboration and data-driven decision making, based on comprehensive data, and targeted breakdowns specific to their role. The advanced functionality enables teachers to receive a social-emotional learning (SEL) overview of each student and class, set personalized goals, offer support, and generate various reports in different sections to track progress. The system includes versatile capabilities, allowing for both synchronous and asynchronous remote teaching and seamless communication with students, parents, and other staff members through multiple channels, making it an essential tool for school managers looking to drive better academic outcomes.


  • Get an accurate social-emotional learning (SEL) status for each student and class.
  • Define personal goals for each student, track progress, and provide the necessary support to achieve them.
  • Generate real-time data-driven reports to make informed decisions.
  • Facilitate open and efficient communication with students, parents and faculty through various communication channels.
  • Access synchronous and asynchronous remote teaching options.
  • An advanced, user-friendly experience that helps streamline processes, including online parent consents, immediate notifications, online surveys and questionnaires, and more.

Key features

Reports 1

Dynamic reports sorting, filtering, searching, and exporting.


Report and access student attendance & registers records.


Grade reporting.


Online classroom for synchronous learning and a dedicated module for asynchronous learning.

Organizational email inbox.


Survey and questionnaire system with data storage.


Personal student and teacher profiles.


PUSH notifications to the Priority app and inbox.


Automatic creation of certificates and parent-teacher conference sheets.

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