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Boost profitability and customer satisfaction

Priority’s retail management software is specifically designed to enhance operational efficiency and sales growth in the Liquor, Spirits, and Tobacco retail sector, while ensuring compliance with liquor and tobacco regulations. Key features include integration of mobile POS systems, enabling seamless establishment and management of pop-up stores and remote outlets at seasonal events. The system ensures all operations are fully synchronized with the central system, maintaining consistency in inventory, pricing, and sales data. The software’s capability to implement targeted promotions, such as special offers and discounts, is designed to increase average customer spend. Additionally, branded gift cards serve as a strategic tool to attract new customers, increasing foot traffic and overall revenue. Priority RMS is focused on providing a comprehensive, scalable platform for Liquor, Spirits, and Tobacco retailers seeking to expand their market reach and enhance customer engagement.

Build strong customer connections

Set and manage diverse, tailored, omnichannel loyalty programs for your Liquor, Spirits, and Tobacco retail business.

Priority’s customer loyalty management system streamlines the segmentation process and helps execute your strategy using various rewards, discounts, and exclusive incentives to effectively attract new customers while retaining existing ones. strengthen your brand, foster lasting customer loyalty, and execute extensive omni-channel loyalty campaigns

Efficiently manage vendor agreements in your liquor, spirits, and tobacco business

Efficiently manage and automate rebate agreements with your vendors.

The Priority Vendor’s Agreement management module offers a comprehensive solution for periodic reconciliation with vendors across various rebate request formulas. Tailor individual agreements for specific vendors, inventory items, periods, sales or purchase activities, and set designated stores, promotions, and more. Upon vendor approval, rebates are promptly invoiced, updating the actual cost of items to refine revenue and margin reports.

Streamline your liquor store's inventory with advanced replenishment system

Priority’s replenishment system is designed to meet the unique inventory challenges of Liquor, Spirits, and Tobacco retailers. It adeptly automates the creation of purchase orders, whether from external vendors or your main warehouse, ensuring your shelves are always stocked with the right products. By analyzing factors such as current stock levels, sales trends, anticipated demand, existing orders, and inventory thresholds, the inventory system precisely calibrates orders to avoid overstocking or understocking. This targeted approach to inventory management not only prevents shortfalls and excesses but also keeps your inventory fresh and relevant, crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in your retail business.

Streamline Your Liquor Store'S Inventory With Advanced Replenishment System

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