Pet & Animal Supplies

Centralized omni-channel retail system for pet shop and ranch supplies

Pet &Amp; Animal Supplies

Lead the pack with a unified omnichannel pet store management software

Priority’s retail management system comprises advanced retail ERP modules to deliver a centralized omnichannel commerce management platform, designed to meet the demands of modern animal supplies retailers. Ensure perfect integration with your central system for meticulous inventory, price, and sales tracking of a vast inventory range, from small pet toys to large bags of feed, that requires precise categorization and management. Easily set up temporary/seasonal pop-up stores with our dynamic mobile point-of-sale and self-service kiosk applications and execute customized promotional strategies like cross-sales, upsells, breed-specific discounts, and exclusive offers to encourage spending, attract new pet owners, enhance loyalty, and maximize profitability while catering to animal enthusiasts’ diverse needs.

Advanced pet store inventory replenishment solutions

Streamline the ordering process to ensure a consistent supply of in-demand products with an Advanced Replenishment module that evaluates diverse parameters to automatically generate purchase orders from central warehouses based on the replenishment source of the item. This is particularly effective in the Pet and Animal Supplies Retail Industry, where inventory ranges from small, frequently purchased pet treats to larger, specialized animal care equipment. Maintain accurate inventory levels and avoid out-of-stock situations and obsolete inventory WITH automatic tracking of periodic sales rates to predict demand spikes during peak pet adoption seasons or holiday periods, inventory levels based on how quickly items sell, open purchase and sales orders, minimum and maximum inventory thresholds, and the number of packed items across various pet and animal product lines.

Omnichannel commerce for pet and animal supplies retailers

Priority’s headless commerce engine provides pet supplies retailers with a unique platform that allows them to seamlessly integrate all shopping channels and deliver a consistent omnichannel retail experience across different customer touchpoints. Designed to meet the distinctive shopping habits of pet lovers or ranchers, it applies uniform pricing, promotions, loyalty points, and redemption options across all engagement interfaces, like mobile apps, self-service kiosks, online stores, and in-store POS systems to provide pet owners with reliable information on the latest pet food, toys and care products offerings, regardless of where they shop.

Master Efficient Order Management and Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Priority’s order management module helps pet store owners efficiently control orders, enforce policies and optimize order management.
efficiently process various types of orders: in-store orders for items not immediately available, layaway orders, and replenishment orders, originating from various channels like Online Stores, mobile commerce apps, brick and mortar stores and others.
The module supports orders of special custom-made items and multi warehouse operations, and offers flexible order fulfillment options, including preferred location delivery, self-pickup or in-store collection.

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