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Streamline your office supplies retail business

Priority’s state-of-the-art Retail Management System (RMS) offers dynamic mobile point-of-sale (POS) and self-service kiosk applications that enable seamless temporary or seasonal pop-up store setups. Ensure seamless integration with your central system to meticulously manage inventory and track pricing and sales, particularly crucial in the office supplies retail sector where inventory can range from small stationery items to larger office equipment, requiring precise categorization and management. Implement customized promotional schemes, such as cross sales, upsells, personalized discounts, and exclusive offers to maximize store profitability by increasing customer spending, attracting new customers and increasing customer loyalty.

Simplified vendor rebate management in office supplies retail

Manage office supplies vendor rebate agreements with ease while automating rebate requests and reconciliation processes.
Tailored to facilitate the unique rebate agreements for each vendor, The Vendor Agreements Management Module facilitates separate contracts for specific vendors, items, periods, transactions, shops or marketing campaigns, and supports various rebate formulas to accurately conduct periodical reconciliations.
When a rebate is approved, Priority RMS immediately issues an invoice, updating the actual items cost and ensuring the accuracy of your revenue and margin reports, facilitating enhanced financial management in your office supply business.

Ensure a consistent supply of in-demand items with an advanced Replenishment Module

Priority RMS facilitates office supplies inventory software for comprehensive office supply inventory management, incorporating advanced replenishment, based on diverse parameters to generate purchase orders automatically from vendors and/or central warehouses based on the replenishment source of the item.
This includes periodic sales rates for predicting demand growth during peak periods such as back-to-school or end of the year, inventory forecast based on how many days it takes to sell, open purchase and sales orders, minimum and maximum inventory thresholds, and the number of packed items of various office supply product lines. Priority streamlines the purchasing process through automation, allowing retailers to maintain accurate office supplies inventory levels and avoid out-of-stock and obsolete inventory.

Optimize order management in your office supplies retail business

Priority’s order management module helps office supplies retailers efficiently handle orders from multiple sources, including in-store orders for items that cannot be directly delivered or items not immediately available, layaway orders, and replenishment orders.
The system adeptly manages orders originating from various channels like online Stores, mobile commerce apps, brick and mortar stores and others.
It also supports orders for special custom-made items and ‘back-to-back’ orders, where large items are shipped directly from the supplier to the consumer. Designed to support operations with multiple warehouses, the module offers flexible delivery options, including preferred location, self-pickup or in-store collection, effectively managing the diverse and complex logistics of office supplies retail order fulfillment.

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