Optima Cloud PMS

The Next-Generation Property Management Solution

Optima Cloud Pms

Take your property to the next level

Optima is a powerful cloud-based software application that enables property owners, managers, and hoteliers to manage their properties and bookings online, from anywhere in the world. With the Optima cloud PMS, users can access their data through an internet connection, eliminating the need to install and maintain software locally. Optima cloud offers a wide range of features, including online reservations, guest management, housekeeping and maintenance management, reporting and analytics, and integration with other hotel technology systems.

Stay connected with real-time remote management

The Optima cloud-based software application allows hoteliers to remotely manage their properties, access critical data, and stay up-to-date on their operations in real-time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Stay Connected With Real-Time Remote Management

Maximize your investment - save on upfront costs and boost your ROI

With lower upfront costs, you can streamline your operations and improve efficiency without breaking the bank. The Optima cloud-based platform eliminates the need for expensive hardware or IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on what matters most: providing exceptional guest experiences and driving revenue growth.

Maximize Your Investment - Save On Upfront Costs And Boost Your Roi

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Retain agility and adaptability in a rapidly changing industry

Optima Cloud PMS allows hotels to easily scale up or down their IT infrastructure based on business needs, allowing users to add or remove features as their property grows or changes, providing operational flexibility and ensuring that the system is always aligned with organizational requirements. Hoteliers can avoid unnecessary expenses and invest in the functionalities that are most valuable to their operations.

Your gateway to endless connectivity and hotel technology system efficiency

Optima Cloud PMS offers integration capabilities that allow hotels to seamlessly connect with other hotel technology systems, such as point of sale and revenue management. This creates a more comprehensive solution for property management, streamlining operations and improving efficiency. Optima Marketplace offers a variety of tools and resources to assist developers in creating personalized solutions, from channel managers to guest communication platforms, giving your independent hospitality business a competitive edge in the industry.

Your Gateway To Endless Connectivity And Hotel Technology System Efficiency

Peace of mind and reliability

Optima Cloud PMS provides secure data storage and backup, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and always accessible to users, even in unforeseen events such as disasters. Hoteliers can rest easy knowing that their valuable data is stored safely and can be quickly recovered if necessary.

Advanced capabilities for optimal property performance

  • Online reservations, including availability checks, secure payments, and room details.
  • Manage guest information, contact details, preferences, and booking history.
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance Management to ensure clean, well-maintained rooms and efficient staff.
  • Access analytics and generate key performance indicator reports, like occupancy rates, ADR, RevPAR, and more.
  • Manage multiple distribution channels: OTAs, GDSs, and direct bookings.
  • POS integration for on-site amenities management with billing, invoicing, inventory tracking, and sales analysis.
  • Access property information and make changes on-the-go with through Mobile apps or mobile-optimized websites.

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