Agriculture ERP Software

Streamline and automate your entire production, packaging and distribution process with a comprehensive agriculture ERP solution.

Agriculture Erp Software

Put ERP behind your crops

From the packing of crops to the distribution of food all over the country, Priority's dedicated agricultural production management and distribution solution enables you to effectively control your end-to-end operations, from the field to your customer’s kitchen table. Fully integrated with scales, sorting machines, and barcode scanners and printers. Priority enables you to work faster and smarter, and increase overall productivity, without the need for costly additional software.

From the farm to field to the delivery truck, you have full visibility of the entire process!

With Priority’s ERP software, you can efficiently manage your crops by recording all crop-related tasks, from ploughing to picking, planting and harvesting, to crop and row spacing, define timelines for each activity, and storing and packaging the required materials and products produced. With full visibility of your entire operational process, you’ll benefit from product traceability to track perishable produce from the growers’ plot, through packaging, warehousing, and on-to-final delivery, saving valuable time, reducing waste, and maximizing profits.

From The Farm To Field To The Delivery Truck, You Have Full Visibility Of The Entire Process!

Take the reins with powerful financial and analytical tools

A wide range of financial reporting and analysis tools empower you to easily manage sales and procurement, processing, billing and pricing, supply chain and financial data management and analysis, and more.

Take The Reins With Powerful Financial And Analytical Tools
Be The Leading Player In The Field

Be the leading player in the field

  • Monitor quantities and streamline data collection to have better harvest control of harvest and storage.
  • Simplify communication and enhance accessibility with a centralized database
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of work, with IoT and machinery management
  • Easily ensure compliance with regulations
  • Manage your core business processes along the entire produce value chain
  • Fully integrate with scales, sorting machines, barcode scanners, and printers

Key Features

Multiple units of measure
Integration with peripherals
Tracking & traceability
Financials & profitability
Customer service

Multiple units of measure

Efficiently manage your production, inventory, and distribution, with multi-unit measures support stocking, purchasing, selling, shipping, manufacturing, and reporting on product-by-product and product-facility specific basis processing to allow producers and distributors to sell, purchase, manufacture, receive, store, and ship in any unit of measure required.

Multiple Units Of Measure

Integration with peripherals

Comprehensive bi-directional integration with scales, sorting machines, barcode scanners, and printers. Fast and seamless integration with these and other equipment and technologies eliminates the need for costly additional software.

Integration With Peripherals


Manage pallet statuses and combine disparate products, packaged or bulk, on a single pallet. AgroPriority helps promote efficient storage, handling and transport for the combination of goods and the pallet base. Benefit from faster loading/unloading, delivery vehicle turnaround, reduced labor requirement vs. manual handling, better preserve perishable produce and decrease risk of damage during distribution.


Tracking & traceability

Track perishable products and raw materials from the growers’ field through packing, warehousing, and on to final delivery, including the ability to maintain GPS coordinates to identify the product origin. Easily track and trace the product, or access product information along the supply chain via recorded identification via barcode or RFID tag.

Financials & profitability

Gain integrated financials for full accountability and the ability to quickly respond to shifting market conditions. Gain complete visibility of your supply chain’s key economic and financial aspects, to improve the decision-making process and increase revenue. Calculate gross vs. net income reporting costs, shipment-related analysis, projected vs. actual costs, and more.

Customer service

Enhance the overall customer experience by efficiently tracking sales orders, customer relationship management, physical distribution of goods, billing, invoicing, and more. Process sales forecast, orders, plan distribution schedules, and better manage customer service, handling customer complaints through to resolution.

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What is ERP in agriculture?

Agricultural business management software (commonly referred to as “ERP”) is being used by more and more farmers looking for better control of their agribusinesses. ERPs can enable users to manage their end-to-end operations, from plowing and picking to storing and packaging, with tracking and traceability tools that enable greater control and visibility while optimizing overall work processes.

Why should I use an ERP for my Agriculture business?

Predictive analytics and IoT enable smart agriculture. The technology landscape is changing rapidly, and adapting to these changes are crucial for businesses that wish to remain competitive. One way of doing this is through data collection, analysis, and real-time reporting capabilities provided by an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

What are the advantages of using an ERP for agriculture?

Agriculture ERP is a comprehensive, integrated, and highly scalable system for managing your enterprise. It includes core business functions in the produce value chain that specifically addresses the needs of agriculture, horticulture, and farming industries. A centralized database powered by automated notifications that delivers real-time visibility into your inventory can optimize profit margins while avoiding waste.

How long does it take to implement an ERP system in agriculture?

When choosing an ERP system for an agricultural business, it's essential to consider the big picture. ERP is a comprehensive system for agricultural businesses that provide accounting, production management, logistics, IT tools, and much more. Since each solution is customized to meet individual businesses' needs, there is no specific time frame, and can take anywhere from 3 months to two years.

What modules are usually used in the agriculture industry?

ERPs offer integrated business management software solutions that provide a powerful combination of tools to help users run their operations more efficiently and profitably while reducing costs and risks. Modules such as financials, procurements, supply chain, and inventory management are usually highly adopted in the agricultural industry.

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