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Integrated cosmetics POS & ERP retail solution

Priority’s state-of-the-art Retail Management System offers dynamic mobile point-of-sale (POS) and kiosk applications that enable seamless temporary or seasonal pop-up store setups. Ensure seamless integration with your central system to accurately manage inventory and track pricing and sales. Implement customized retail promotional schemes, such as cross-sales, upsells, personalized discounts, and exclusive offers to improve customer retention and spending, attract new customers, and increase customer loyalty and engagement to maximize store profitability.

Redefining customer loyalty in cosmetics retail

Priority’s Customer Loyalty Management System is uniquely designed to create and manage various loyalty programs tailored to your business strategy.
Our innovative rule based, dynamic segmentation logic help create a customized customer retention strategy, by automatically categorizing shoppers to offer custom rewards, exclusive discounts, and unique incentives to attract new buyers and maintain customer loyalty according to the customer subdivisions. (e.g. Experimenters, high spenders, etc.)
Seamlessly run omnichannel loyalty campaigns to build an engaged community around your brand, and generate a growing revenue stream.

Advanced omnichannel commerce for cosmetics retailers

Priority’s innovative headless commerce engine delivers a consistent multi-channel retail experience across multiple customer touchpoints. It seamlessly applies the same promotions, pricing, loyalty points and redemption options across all customer interaction interfaces, including mobile apps, self service kiosks, online stores, POS at the brick-and-mortar stores and more. This makes it easy to integrate and connect different shopping channels, ensuring customers receive consistent promotions, loyalty points and inventory information no matter where they shop, enhancing omnichannel customer engagement.

Advanced cosmetics retail analytics

Priority offers a powerful solution for creating smart, customized reports that incorporate data from diverse modules and areas within the cosmetics ERP system to meet unique business needs in the cosmetics retail industry, and facilitate informed, data-driven decision-making. Priority for allows multi-company reports configuration, and allows users to apply sophisticated report settings, such as grouping, sorting, and organizing data, performing aggregate calculations on columns, and incorporating expression columns for complex calculations.

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