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Crm And Sales Management Erp

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Priority’s comprehensive CRM solution accelerates your sales growth and streamlines your business processes. From lead management to opportunity tracking, Priority’s end-to-end CRM solution helps you mange your customer lifecycle, while gaining real-time visibility into your sales pipeline, accurately forecasting sales and enhancing performance and customer experience.

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Effective lead and opportunity management

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Real-time pipeline visibility

Increased Sales

Improved sales performance

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Sales Manager

Key features

Lead & opportunity management
Pricing, quotes & orders
Account management
Sales & targets and forecasting
Customer surveys
Mobile field sales app
Customer service

Lead and opportunity management

Simplify the lead qualification process, ensuring accuracy and automating manual workflows. Easily track sales progression and timelines, follow up on opportunity-related tasks, and comply with opportunity management policies, such as proposal authorizations.

Pricing, quotes and orders

Enable personalized quotes and orders using specific customer data, such as prices, parts, and BOM, through visual product catalogs. Ensure customer satisfaction with feasible delivery dates (ATP) and make better-informed business decisions with up-to-date customer ledger and aging data.

Account management

Obtain a holistic view of the customer and manage data effectively to gain relevant insights. Increase sales, decrease costs, and enhance customer satisfaction by leveraging Priority’s dedicated customer account management tools, including price quotes, order backlog, shipments, invoices, payments, billing status/aging, and more.

Account Management

Sales targets and forecasting

Effectively manage sales targets at all levels of the organization based on various dimensions such as region, timeline, sales rep, product line, and quantity. Gain insights into sales performance, adapt to changes easily, estimate future sales, and analyze real-time data to make informed business decisions and predict short- and long-term performance with our sales target management solution.

Customer surveys

Automatically distribute relevant surveys to customers and prospects at any stage of the sales cycle. Access and conduct customer satisfaction surveys, and collect real-time customer data easily at any given stage to analyze information and improve the customer experience.

Customer Surveys

Mobile field sales app

Enable seamless access for your field sales team from any smartphone or tablet, anywhere, at any time.. Provide end-to-end system functionality, including access to the necessary information to empower your offline sales reps to deliver a higher level of service. Track sales teams’ daily schedules while they access sales and pre-sales tasks from their mobile devices.

Mobile Field Sales App

Customer service

Achieve real-time visibility and tracking of sales orders, physical distribution, billing, and invoicing with our solution. Use our tools to process sales forecasts, orders, and shipping schedules, and track open service calls, call assignments, escalation status, related communications with the customer, and follow-up calls with our Call Center reporting functionality. Enhance the customer experience and deliver quality and timely service and support.


Can ERP replace CRM?

ERP cannot fully replace a CRM system as ERP and CRM both serve different functions. While ERP incorporates business processes, like finance, logistics, and manufacturing, into one centralized management system, a CRM system is designed to drive sales and handle customer-related information that helps the company improve customer relationships. While some ERP systems, like Priority, include CRM capabilities, a standalone CRM software is more comprehensive.

What is sales ERP?

ERP for Sales is a module designed to manage and improve sales-related activities. It enables sales teams to control the whole sales cycle, from lead generation through order fulfillment, as well as the issuance of sales quotations and invoicing, to guarantee precise order transaction processing. Sales teams can create efficient sales plans and enhance cross-departmental communication and cooperation thanks to real-time visibility into sales performance and customer data.

What types of businesses can benefit from implementing CRM & Sales ERP?

Most organizations often require both. Priority combines a native CRM module that easily integrates with 3rd part systems, providing a holistic view of the organization's customer data. When both are working together, a CRM and an ERP can maximize business growth.

Is a CRM & Sales ERP solution is essential for any business to succeed in today’s competitive environment?

Businesses of all sizes, industries, and sectors, whether B2B, B2C, or even B2G, benefit from implementing an ERP system that integrates CRM and Sales management modules, especially in sales, marketing, and customer service units. The CRM & Sales ERP facilitates business process automation to streamline customer lifecycle management, increase sales, improve customer retention, and improve decision-making, fostering smoother, quicker company operations.

Can CRM ERP provide a complete overview of customer data?

An integrated ERP CRM system helps businesses gather and consolidate data from multiple customer touchpoints to gain a 360° overview of all customer data throughout the complete customer journey. While the ERP component assists in managing "back office" processes (sales and orders, inventory management, transactions, and more), the CRM component stores and helps manage customer information (such as contact information, purchase history, preferences, and support queries).

Can I connect my current CRM program to my ERP system?

It is possible to combine an ERP system with currently installed CRM software. Many CRM and ERP suppliers provide APIs that enable easy data exchange between the two platforms. To ensure consistency and real-time data flow between the two systems, the integration process frequently entails mapping and synchronizing pertinent data (client information, sales orders, and invoices).

Do CRM ERP systems have security measures to protect sensitive customer data?

CRM ERP solutions include built-in data security features to safeguard sensitive client information. CRM ERP solutions usually use a variety of security measures to safeguard customer data. One of these is role-based access control, which grants access to data only to those who have been authorized. Data encryption is used to safeguard sensitive information both during transmission and storage. Multi-factor authentication adds an extra degree of security to user logins.

Does CRM ERP support Multi-channel client communication?

CRM ERP can manage customer interactions across a variety of platforms, channels, and media, such as chat, social media, email, phone, etc., with ease. By integrating customer information and communication history, CRM ERP enables businesses to provide a consistent and customized customer experience across a variety of touchpoints. CRM ERP solutions offer a seamless and efficient communication management process that aids businesses in satisfying consumer needs, forging closer ties, and better-retaining customers.

Can CRM & Sales ERP be customized to meet specific business needs?

Priority's CRM & Sales ERP system can be quickly customized to accommodate specific company objectives. Our ERP solution enables organizations to adapt the functionality, workflows, and data fields to customize sales pipelines, set process automation rules, and tailor the system to their specific processes and needs. Priority's integrated CRM and Sales ERP solution can also be customized to operate seamlessly with the organization's existing software and data sources. With this level of flexibility, the CRM and Sales ERP system supports streamlined operations and enhances overall effectiveness in managing sales processes and customer relationships.

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