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True Omnichannel, All-in-one-ERP and Retail Solution  

Meeting the unique needs of mid-large scale chain store operations and keeping up with their customers' ever-changing demands and growing expectations for an omnichannel experience

Assess Your Omnichannel Retail Maturity and discover your next steps to reach revenue growth

This questionnaire helps you gauge your retail chain's omnichannel maturity, taking into consideration the buying experience across online, and brick and Mortar stores, and loyalty programs. Please rate your current practices on a scale of 1 (not available) 2 (partially available) to 3 (available)

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Customer Experience
Unified touchpoints:

Rate your capability to allow customers to add online items to a cart and checkout in-store (e.g., “Scan & Go”) or pick up online orders in-store?

Inventory visibility:

 Can customers check online if an item is available in their preferred store with accurate stock levels?

Effortless Returns:

How easily can customers return or exchange in-store purchases or initiate online returns from their local store?

Know your customers!

Do you recommend products based on past purchases, browsing history, and wish lists across all channels?

Operations & Technology
Unified Data:

Do you combine online and offline customer data into a centralized profile for a holistic view of customer behavior?

Optimized Inventory allocation: How effectively do you dynamically allocate inventory across channels to avoid stockouts and overstocking?

Do you dynamically allocate inventory across channels to avoid stockouts and overstocking (e.g., using analytics and AI -generated prediction)?

Empowered Associates

Are in-store associates equipped with tablets or Mobile POS to help customers browse online products, check availability, or place orders?

Omnichannel POS:

Do you run a single POS software for your mobile, desktop and online touchpoints?

Loyalty & Promotions
Cohesive loyalty programs:

Can loyalty program members seamlessly earn points and redeem rewards across online and offline purchases?

Personalized Offers:

Do you use customer data to drive personalized marketing efforts- promotions and discounts, based on individual purchase history and preferences across all channels?

Your Result: Nascent
You still haven’t onboarded the Omnichannel experience train. Your functionalities are basic, channels operate independently, and customer experience is fragmented with underutilized data insights. The good news? Making the leap is possible!
Your Result: Emerging
We hear you! Its challenging to create efficient Omnichannel retailing when you don’t have the right set of tools in place
Your Result: Developing
You are on the right path! However, there are still fragmented functionalities that create a disconnect for your customers. Is it all it can be?
Your Result: Advanced
You have a mature omnichannel approach, but continuous innovation is essential to stay ahead of the curve.

All-in-one, Retail and ERP, centralized management software

Priority’s retail Head Office module serves as a centralized management hub for retailers, providing an all-in-one solution for streamlining and overseeing their omnichannel operations. By connecting to multiple stores and channels, the Head Office enables synchronization of transactional data, management of stores, lanes, items, promotions, customers, employees, and the delivery of analytics to enhance performance.

All-In-One, Retail And Erp, Centralized Management Software
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True Omnichannel Experience

The centralized Retail Head Office and ERP system, together with seamlessly consolidating online and in-store retail operations, delivers a unified experience across all channels through a single omnichannel commerce framework.

A Cashier And Customer Using A Mobile Pos For Card Payment

Mobile Capabilities

Increase revenue with Mobile POS and back office, supporting outdoor pop-up stores and trade shows.


Cloud-Based Solution

SaaS offering includes cloud servers, security, updates/upgrades, data backup and compliances, dramatically reducing IT expenditures.

Sync Engine & Offline Availability

By collecting full entities, the Sync Engine ensures comprehensive and accurate bidirectional data transfer between Point of Sale (POS) systems and the central Head Office. The Sync engine, using a local POS database, guarantees up-to-date and accessible crucial information, regardless of online availability. When communication is restored after an outage, all offline transactions are synced to the Head Office, while any changes made at the Head Office are synchronized to the POS.

Sync Engine &Amp; Offline Availability


Apparel &Amp; Footwear

Apparel & Footwear

Bookstores &Amp; Record Shops

Bookstores & Record shops

Building Material, Garden Equipment, And Hardware

Building Material, Garden Equipment, and Hardware

Cellular, Electronics &Amp; Computers

Cellular, Electronics & Computers

Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores



Duty Free

Duty Free

Furniture &Amp; Home Decor

Furniture & Home Decor

Electrical Appliances &Amp; Lighting Showrooms

Electrical Appliances & Lighting Showrooms



Liquor / Spirits / Tobacco

Liquor / Spirits / Tobacco

Office Supplies &Amp; General Retail

Office Supplies & General Retail

Pet And Animal Supplies

Pet and Animal Supplies

Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

Robust Unified Commerce Retail Management Software

In today’s dynamic business environment, retailers require a business management system to help them seamlessly and efficiently handle day-to-day operations and automate workflows to maintain customer satisfaction, enhance employee efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations while saving time, resources, and costs. Discover our wide range of retail management software capabilities and modules.

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