Retail Inventory Replenishment Software

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Retail Inventory Replenishment Software

Streamline Your Stock Management with a Replenishment Software Solution

Priority’s inventory replenishment software module manages and optimizes restocking, item transfers between stores, and goods delivery to consumers. The module enables you to categorize stores and stock items into logical groups, calculate stock levels across stores, analyze sales volumes, perform “similar items analysis” for new SKUs, and distribute stock optimally from the main warehouse to stores and between them.

Proactively forecast demands and optimize inventory replenishment

  • Calculate demand rates for a store, item, or combination of both.
  • Forecast which items need replenishing to reduce the risk of overstocking or understocking, which can result in a poor customer experience.
  • Perform effective, ongoing stock monitoring of each item/brand in your stores or warehouses.
  • Ensure that your customers’ most popular products are consistently in stock, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Increase efficiency and reduce waste with smart inventory management

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Automate the retail replenishment process to maintain the needed stock levels and eliminate tedious manual configurations, errors, and fraud


Improve inventory turnover and reduce waste by accurately managing safety stocks and lowering stock levels.


Optimize your warehouse by allocating space to hold the optimal amount of stock and placing high-selling items in easily reachable places.

Exceed customer expectations

  • Provide your customers with real-time information on item availability across all chain stores.
  • Allow your customers to select their preferred method of receiving/picking up their goods, whether home delivery, store pickup, or pickup from a distribution point.

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Retail Sales Expert

Key features


Calculate stock levels for packaged items received from suppliers/manufacturers


Perform historical sales performance analysis for different periods

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Calculate stock levels based on the past sales performance of related items


Automate or manually reorder stocks based on periodic or on-demand requirements

Set Stock

Set minimum and maximum stock quantities on the item/SKU and store level, as well as in combination


Transfer stock items between stores

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