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Optima Marketplace

Enhance and optimize your PMS’ tech stack

The Optima Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for hospitality tech developers seeking easy integration of Optima’s data and functionality, including guest profiles, reservations, room inventory, and billing, with third-party tools. With the ability to create custom integrations like channel managers, revenue management systems, and guest communication platforms, the Optima Marketplace helps streamline hotel operations and enhance the overall guest experience.

Unlock flexibility and harness innovation to stand out from the crowd

Create innovative applications and integrations that differentiate your offerings from competitors and provide your business with an advantage in a crowded and competitive market. Optima Marketplace provides a wide range of APIs, tools and resources that help developers create unique and customized solutions, from channel managers to revenue management systems and guest communication platforms.

Unlock Flexibility And Harness Innovation To Stand Out From The Crowd

Scale your hotel operations, one integration at a time

With Optima Marketplace, hoteliers have access to a platform that enables developers to create applications and integrations that can scale with the needs of their business. This ensures that their tech stack remains up to date and capable of handling the needs of their guests, whether they run a small boutique hotel or a large hotel chain.

Scale Your Hotel Operations, One Integration At A Time

Key features

  • Testing and certification process to ensure that integrations meet quality and security standards.
  • Support team and community forum to assist developers with API related queries and issues.
  • Analytics and reporting tools to track PMS API usage and provide performance insights.
  • Industry standards and regulations compliance.
  • An integration library for pre-built integrations between Optima and commonly used tools, such as channel managers, revenue management systems, and guest communication platforms. Users can browse the library to find integrations that best fit their needs.
  • An API marketplace that enables hoteliers to request custom integrations, according to their specific needs.

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