Retail Order Management System

Simplify your retail order process.

Retail Order Management System

Every order. Any channel. One Location.

Priority’s Retail Order Management module allows you to manage orders for items that cannot be collected at the point-of-sale, such as out-of-stock items, layaway orders, large items requiring special delivery, and custom orders. This comprehensive module covers all order stages, from picking and sorting to packing, delivery, and pickup. With complete order visibility at every stage, retailers can easily track and apply promotions and discounts to ordered goods, automatically routing them for quick fulfillment.

Efficiently control orders, enforce policies and minimize risks with order optimization

  • Set the minimum purchase amount for home shipments.
  • Hold orders for customers with outstanding debts (Obligo and credit control).
  • Proactively identify duplicated records.
  • Proactively detect significant deviations from normal purchasing habits that may indicate fraud, technical issues, or human errors.

Simplify the handling process for complex orders

Complex orders include multiple items with varying statuses, handling flows, and suppliers. Priority Retail Order Management system automatically breaks down each line item in the order and generates a separate order for each item. Each new individual order is automatically populated with its relevant characteristics, including status, handling flow, and relevant supplier information. This leads to optimized order handling, saving valuable time while minimizing manual configuration, errors, and mistakes.

Offer promotions, reward points, and discounts on ordered items

The system automatically calculates these incentives in a dedicated ‘supply cash register’ in the warehouse, after the picking process and before delivery. Customers who purchased goods at a specific price may benefit from a lower price if new promotions are launched after their purchase date

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Key features


Omni-channel support

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Complete visibility of orders and effortless tracking

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Automated order routing and streamlined process flow


Offer promotions, special deals, and reward points on ordered goods


Dedicated B2B commerce channels, including EDI interfaces, B2B portals, remote agent terminals, and more

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Order-related business policies


Intelligent order flow management

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Various fulfillment options, including Back2Back orders, self-pickup, multiple warehouses, and more


What is a Retail Order Management System?

A Retail Order Management System is a centralized platform that allows businesses to manage and oversee orders across various channels. It ensures efficient handling of orders, from placement to delivery, and provides insights into order statuses, inventory levels, and customer preferences.

How does a Retail Order Management System work?

The system streamlines the order process by automatically routing orders for fulfillment, tracking order statuses, managing inventory, and providing real-time updates. It can handle complex orders, apply promotions and discounts, and offer a unified view of all orders across channels.

What benefits does a Retail Order Management System offer?

It provides businesses with complete visibility of orders, automates order processes, reduces manual errors, and ensures timely delivery to customers. The system also offers insights into customer behavior, helping businesses optimize their sales strategies.

How does a Retail Order Management System handle complex orders?

For orders with multiple items or varying statuses, the system can automatically break down each line item and generate separate orders. This ensures optimized handling, reduces manual configurations, and minimizes errors.

How does a Retail Order Management System enhance the customer experience?

By providing real-time updates on order statuses, ensuring accurate inventory levels, and offering promotions and discounts, the system ensures a seamless and efficient shopping experience for customers.

Why is it essential to offer promotions and discounts on ordered items?

Offering promotions and discounts can attract more customers, increase sales, and enhance customer loyalty. A Retail Order Management System can automatically calculate these incentives, ensuring customers benefit from the best deals.

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