Omnichannel Retail CRM

Enhance your retail customer service.

Omnichannel Retail Crm

Optimize customer interactions with an omnichannel CRM

Priority’s omnichannel CRM module for retail serves as a centralized platform for managing customer inquiries, providing a comprehensive record of all interactions and communications with customers. This feature enables staff to quickly comprehend the nature of the inquiry and effectively resolve it.

The module uses the built-in Business Process Manager (BPM) to control and manage the resolution process, including routing inquiries to the appropriate person or department, verifying that tasks are completed as planned, and sending reminders and notifications when needed.

Centralized, unified customer inquiry management module

  • Get complete control of all inquiries from all brands and all channels in one centralized location
  • Easily extract the complete customer relationship history, manage attachments, identify their sentiment, repeat complaints, technical issues, etc.
  • Be transparent with your customers, and easily allow your service agents to come up with clear and detailed answers that will exceed your customers’ expectations

Fully configurable and fully automated

  • Built-in, powerful Business Process Manager (BPM) that allows automating handling and resolution processes, shortens handling time and makes sure things are not falling between the cracks
  • Configure and automate complex CRM workflows, significantly reduce manual configurations and the exposure to errors, mistakes, and fraud
  • Administer the overall resolution process using Priority’s advanced automation tools

Gain real-time visibility and complete control of all customer inquiries

  • Generate and populate status reports to your customers directly from within the system
  • Effectively control all inquiries and resolution processes in one convenient location
  • Know, at any point in time, the status of each inquiry, all steps and actions taken and ensure the successful resolution of the incident promptly

Key features


Allow customers to issue an inquiry across all channels


Centralize all customer history in a single place


Empower staff with full customer relationship history for personalized interactions.


Configure and automate your CRM resolution processes

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Dispatch automatic reminders, notifications, and escalations

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Update customers on inquiry status with issue handling updates.


Real-time CRM reporting


Auto assignment of item and store identifiers to an inquiry

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