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Utilize a comprehensive retail ERP system and dynamic POS applications to create a unified retail management hub that seamlessly incorporates your retail operation, providing a complete omnichannel retail solution tailored to the home decor and furniture market. Get accurate, real-time visibility into your inventory, from statement pieces to delicate décor. Automatically balance fast selling and custom items’ inventory, track prices and deals, and offer personalized discounts and exclusive incentives to attract customers, increase showroom visits, maximize profits, and enhance customer loyalty in the highly competitive home decor market.

Craft the perfect piece – create sets and customize items to fit your customer's vision

The Priority Product Configurator for furniture and home decor retailers streamlines the customization of items during sales transactions. It enables furniture retailers to modify and customize items, allowing adjustments in dimensions, upholstery, finishes, and other design elements according to customer specifications. The configurator recalculates the cost based on the selections and automatically logs the corresponding inventory transactions.

Deliver a seamless omnichannel furniture shopping experience

Priority’s advanced headless commerce engine is designed to ensure a seamless, consistent customer journey across all touchpoints. Whether the customers interact via mobile apps, online stores, or POS terminals in your showrooms, they will be offered consistent, real-time pricing, uniform promotions, loyalty rewards, and redemption options. This ensures that every interaction, from browsing ornate furnishings to selecting custom fabrics or finishes, is integrated and consistent, regardless of the shopping channel.

Optimize order processing in home decor retail

Priority’s order management module helps Furniture & Home Decor retailers optimize the processing of diverse orders from multiple sources. It proficiently handles in-store orders for out of stock items, layaway orders, and replenishment orders, ensuring a smooth transition from sales to delivery. The system automatically coordinates orders from various channels such as online stores, mobile apps, and physical showrooms. Tailored to support multi-warehouse operations, the module offers flexible delivery options including preferred location delivery, white-glove service, or in-store pickup, effectively managing the sophisticated logistic requirements of Furniture & Home Decor retail order fulfillment.

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