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Nov. 29, 2023

Priority Partners with Canada-Based CRS to Offer Cutting-Edge Retail Management Solutions

Priority Partners with Canada-Based CRS to Offer Cutting-Edge Retail Management Solutions

Priority's New, Cutting-Edge Retail Management Solutions Partner: Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS)

Priority Software Partners with Canadian Retail Solutions Inc. (CRS) to Offer Cutting-Edge Retail Management Solutions through Strategic Reseller Agreement.

Priority Software Ltd., a leading global cloud-based business management solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with CRS, a prominent North American retail services provider. This reseller agreement is set to provide retailers with an innovative retail management platform that incorporates comprehensive ERP capabilities with retail management and Point-of-Sale (POS) functionalities to redefine customer experience by enhancing operational efficiency and control across omnichannel retail platforms.

The collaboration introduces a unified, all-encompassing omnichannel commerce management platform, engineered to meet the evolving demands of modern consumers and retailers. This platform provides CRS's clients with access to various tools that optimize efficiency across multiple stores and sales channels.

Priority Software's platform revolutionizes retail management, enabling retailers to optimize their operations and maintain superior customer interactions consistently across all shopping channels.

"Through our partnership with Priority Software, we can supply a retail management solution that is in step with the shifting demands of the retail sector. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that drive innovation, operational efficiency, and a consistent retail experience for our clients, aiding them in navigating the competitive retail environment," Canadian Retail Solutions CEO, Dan Holman

Sagive Greenspan, CEO of Priority Software, stated, "We're very excited to be working with CRS. By combining their solid track record in helping retail businesses with Priority's unique approach and state of the art software, we're not just deploying Priority's innovative retail solutions; we're crafting a future where technology and community intertwine, creating unparalleled customer experiences and fostering sustainable business growth."

Priority's Retail Management solution is a centralized Retail ERP system that combines Retail Head Office and ERP modules into a single, unified platform. The solution streamlines and simplifies retail operations by eliminating the need for multiple system integrations, providing a holistic approach to retail management with seamless omnichannel capabilities.

The solution offers an all-inclusive mobile solution for managing POS and back-office operations, alongside real-time inventory management, advanced replenishment automation, and a sophisticated pricing management system. Additionally, the solution delivers extensive CRM capabilities, featuring a robust system for managing customer loyalty, segmentation, and engagement tools. It also includes a comprehensive suite of tools for handling promotional offers, gift cards, and other modules designed to enhance sales and customer engagement.

About Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS)

Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) is a leading provider of comprehensive retail management solutions across North America, dedicated to empowering retailers since 1991. With a suite of services including advanced Point of Sale software, I.T. support and training, retail and executive coaching, and inventory management solutions, CRS is committed to fostering real and relevant relationships with its clients. The company prides itself on solution-based sales, a client-centered focus, and credible, complete care to help retailers thrive in today's retail marketplace.

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