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Apr. 03, 2024

The National Israeli Lottery to Implement Priority ERP

The National Israeli Lottery to Implement Priority ERP

Priority ERP will replace an outdated legacy system and will serve over 300 users across all organizational sites and will enhance The National Israel Lottery's capabilities in financial management, budgeting, commissions, prize payments, agent and field technician management, real estate, logistics, inventory, committee management, and sales tracking from gaming systems, among other areas.

FBC Group, a division of One Technologies (ONE), known for its expertise in technological solutions, software services, and integration, is in charge if the system implementation.

This project's objectives include the implementation of unified management strategies, updating processes, the introduction of superior control tools, the achievement of organizational transparency, and the adoption of cutting-edge technology, all while catering to The National Israel Lottery's unique needs. Artificial intelligence tools integrated into the project will automate various tasks, offer user recommendations, and boost resource efficiency and overall productivity.

Daniel Nahum, Vice President, IT at The National Israel Lottery, remarked, "This ambitious project will significantly improve the work processes of all system users and foster greater integration across the organization's systems. It marks a crucial phase in the ongoing renewal and enhancement of IT systems within The Israel Lottery's IT Division."

Tal Frankel, Chairman and Founder at FBC, expressed, "The solution implemented at The National Israel Lottery offers significant business benefits, including flexibility, insights, and efficient management, tailored to meet evolving needs. The project was carefully planned from inception to completion to fully address The Israel Lottery's organizational demands, delivering an innovative and creative solution."

Oded Sandler, CEO of FBC from the ONE Group, added, "The Israel National Lottery is among the organizations that have chosen FBC to implement Priority's ERP solution. They now enjoy a state-of-the-art, innovative, and intuitive solution, designed for modern businesses in a dynamic market, ensuring a competitive edge."

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