Priority ERP is localized to close to 20 different languages in various global regions, to comply with local government, tax, and banking regulations and requirements, as noted in the table below. 

Global Localizations

Country Localized Tax Report Bank Payments Local Language Other Functionality Services Provided by
AO flag Angola     SAFT VENDOR
AR flag Argentina   Invoice transmission to AFIP, Sales equivalence tax PARTNER
AU flag Australia PARTNER
BE flag Belgium SEPA
EU + Annual Sales, e-invoices (including Codabox), CODA statement upload, Nacebel VENDOR
BG flag Bulgaria VAT number verification (VIES) PARTNER
CA flag Canada   Invoice layout as per regulation requirements, Form 111 VENDOR
CO flag Colombia     Withheld taxes PARTNER
CY flag Cyprus   PARTNER
DE flag Germany SEPA
EU + GoBD, e-Bilanz VENDOR
ES flag Spain   Form 111, Sales equivalence tax, VAT books, Form 303, SIl integration PARTNER
EU flag Other European Countries VAT REPORT GENERATOR SEPA
  Intrastat, EC sales, Reverse charge scheme, VAT number verification (VIES), GDPR VENDOR
FR flag France SEPA
ETEBAC bank statements, EU + FEC VENDOR
GB flag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EU + MTD, SIl integration VENDOR
IL flag Israel VENDOR
IT flag Italy SEPA
Split Payments, Esterometro, Conai, EU + Electronic Invoices (with Sdl), Frequent exporter, RiBA VENDOR
MX flag Mexico PARTNER
NL flag Netherlands EU+ Audit file, e-invoices VENDOR
PL flag Poland SEPA
PT flag Portugal SEPA
  SAFT, EU + Invoice Digital signature, VAT books VENDOR
RO flag Romania PARTNER
US flag United States of America NACHA
Sales Tax integration with Avalara, 1099 form, AMEX/OFX/QFX bank statements, Check printing, digital bank feeds, integration with shippers VENDOR
ZA flag South Africa   Withheld taxes, Bank statement upload (OFX/QFX) VENDOR