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With the recent release of Priority Version 18.1, we continue our long-standing tradition of innovation that’s aimed at keeping our customers well ahead of the technology curve. Let’s take a closer look at Priority Talk, one of the many new features now available in V 18.1 that makes this happen.

Because task management matters

We know that task management within and across departments can be challenging, at best. We also know that effective task management is at the heart of every successful business. To better support task management and communication in Priority, we’ve developed a new internal collaboration tool to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

Priority Talk is a convenient, chat-like tool that enables individual users and teams to talk about their work within the context of the work itself and helps organize and prioritize these online conversations – chats, to improve both the process and the final outcome.

Priority Talk is an instant, non-disruptive way to connect with peers to grab a quick fact or coordinate in real time. Seamlessly integrated into Priority, with fast, easy access from the Priority home page, Priority Talk is a more effective tool than an endless email string to discuss a problem or project with a group. As with any chat messaging tool used in the workplace, Priority Talk makes it easier to understand the current status of a discussion and any documents associated with it – and all in Priority!

How does Priority Talk work?

With Priority Talk, you can quickly and easily communicate with colleagues across departments and share information on documents and projects that you’re tracking. You can read and immediately reply to messages, get notified on new items in your message feed, see precisely when a document’s assigned user or status changes, or when a new comment is added to the conversation. You can also add peers to the chat and conveniently unfollow a chat when you’re done.

Let’s say you want to track the progress of a new sales order. With Priority Talk, you activate the query from inside the document itself. Just click the Bell icon on the row of shortcuts (as shown in the image below). Then, using the Share icon, add team members that are involved in the process. Everyone you’ve added to the chat can now access the document in Priority Talk and can easily add comments or updates.


Whenever someone adds a comment or reply to the conversation, everyone else will receive a notification. You can keep track of new notifications via the number that appears on the Priority Talk icon, much like other widely-used messaging apps. And Priority Talk saves all comments and updates, so that your messages never get lost or deleted.

Boost workplace productivity

Sounds simple? With Priority Talk, it is. It’s a well-known fact that effective use of internal collaboration – chat tools in the workplace, can and do boost employee productivity. Decreased number of phone calls and email volume and the quick resolution of simple questions, are the top productivity benefits.

After all, spending time searching for the answer to a simple yet urgent question, with countless follow ups and reminders, puts a real snag in your workflow.

You and your team will save valuable time and resources by not only walking the walk, but by “talking the talking” – Priority Talk!

See Priority Talk in action! Check out the Priority Talk demo clip.

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The Author
Chanamel Ungar
Documentation Manager

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