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Oct. 15, 2023

Evolve Information Solutions Announces New Reseller Agreement with Priority Software

Evolve Information Solutions Announces New Reseller Agreement with Priority Software

Reseller Partnership expands Evolve Information Solutions retail management solutions among forward-thinking US retailers.

Evolve Information Systems, a leader in providing cutting-edge enterprise retail technology solutions, signs a resellers agreement with Priority Software, a premier business management platform, that seamlessly brings together the capabilities of a complete ERP with retail management capabilities to provide a single enterprise retail management solution for forward-thinking retailers.

"We are excited to be a part of Priority's vast partner network and look forward to enabling additional growth in today's retailers. Evolve is dedicated to providing our clients with innovative, cutting-edge, future-proof solutions, and Priority's advanced retail management platform accommodates our corporate agenda. We are confident that Priority will be a real game changer in accelerating digital transformation for medium-sized businesses in the region." – Chris Tollefson, CEO of Evolve Information Solutions.

" Here at Priority, we are proud of our partnership with Evolve Information Solutions. We are very confident with their proven expertise and 30+ years of best practices that together we can bring a new level of innovation to clients in the US." – Sagive Greenspan, CEO of Priority Software.

The alignment between the two companies will enable Evolve Information Systems clients the ability to leverage the Priority Software Retail Management solution as a strategic business advantage for managing and streamlining the operations of multiple stores and channels, transactional data, promotions, customers, employees, the delivery of analytics and much more.

The Priority Software Retail Management solution provides a centralized head office, omnichannel order management, flexible order fulfillment, real-time inventory control and replenishment, and a multi-layered pricing system. Additionally, the solution provides a mobile point-of-sale and back office that supports offline mode and advanced retail-specific CRM functions such as promotions, gift card and customer loyalty management, segmentation, and engagement.

Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, retailers can now access and keep their business from anywhere. The traditional hurdles of managing and maintaining on-premises infrastructure are long gone. Allowing organizations to focus on what matters the most – scaling and growing their business.

Evolve Information Systems is dedicated to listening to and then helping its retail clients create a strategy to achieve improved operational efficiency. As each client journey is different, Evolve Information Systems leverages decades of retail solution experience to help align and enable an approach that will lead to a unified commerce solution for every client.

About Evolve Information Solutions

Founded in Minneapolis in 2015, Evolve Information Solutions (Evolve) is a forward-thinking enterprise retail technology consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses navigate and excel in the dynamic retail landscape. With a focus on business process engineering, organizational design, and tactical solution delivery, Evolve is a steadfast partner in empowering retailers to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Evolve delivers retail IT solutions to provide low-risk, cost-effective, industry-leading application enablement that leverages best practice retail processes, focusing on business process engineering, organizational design, and tactical solution delivery, helping retailers create strategies to achieve improved operational efficiency.

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