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Saar Ltd. a leading importer of Columbia witnesses improved inventory processes, optimized sales operations, and notable increases in overall efficiency.





About Columbia Sportswear

Saar Ltd., a leading importer and manufacturer of active lifestyle apparel, footwear, accessories, and equipment, is the exclusive local distributor of Columbia Sportswear company, a global leader in the design, development, sourcing, marketing, and distribution of outdoor and active lifestyle apparel, footwear, accessories, and equipment.

With a network of more than 50 local stores and two eCommerce websites, Saar’s B2C operations cater to a wide customer base. In addition, their B2B activities involve strategic product distribution to selected field depots nationwide.


The Challenge

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Priority’s Retail management solution, Saar Ltd. operated a limited network of local Columbia stores. They aimed to enhance their retail and wholesale operations by adopting a unified system that would support expansion and boost sales.

Saar Ltd. sought an innovative omni-channel shopping experience for customers both in Israel and internationally. Their ideal holistic solution needed to encompass logistics, finance, inventory management, and enhance the overall customer loyalty and shopping experience within the Columbia store chain and web-shop. Speed and ease of implementation were also crucial to avoid disruptions in organizational operations.

The Solution

The Solution

After careful consideration, Saar Ltd. selected Priority as their preferred solution due to its ability to unify the entire wholesale and retail business processes, offer a comprehensive, unified solution, incorporate advanced ERP features such as finance and supply chain management, and seamlessly connect the physical retail and E-commerce channels to the ERP platform.

Priority’s RMS (Retail Management Suite) was implemented across the Columbia chain of stores, encompassing multiple points of sale, QPOS (mobile hand-held POS), a mobile dashboard app called “Sales View,” and an advanced head office suite for managing complex promotions, loyalty programs, and gift cards.

In addition, Priority provided Saar Ltd. with an advanced Matrix Fashion Management module to manage fashion items, inventory, purchasing, campaigns and promotions, Supply chain management in the world of fashion, budget management, Headless Commerce engine, “Priority OneCore”, to support their e-commerce activity –and to allow the same experience in the branches as well as in the website and more.

Priority created the complete omni-channel customer experience and helped Saar Ltd. grow the local Columbia presence.
As Saar Ltd.’s activities expanded, they opened a concept store for outdoor and sports equipment rental, for which Priority’s rental management module was  implemented. This allowed Saar Ltd. to efficiently manage the entire rental process directly through their unified cross-organizational retail system.

The Results

The Results

With the implementation of Priority’s holistic retail system, Saar Ltd. experienced substantial growth. What began as a chain of ten Columbia stores transformed into over 50 local stores, operating more than 60 POS stations and two eCommerce websites, one of which is completely integrated to Salesforce Commerce Cloud
using “Priority OneCore” Headless-Commerce engine to provide seamless omni-channel experience to their customers.

Saar Ltd. witnessed improved inventory processes, optimized sales operations, and notable increases in overall efficiency. The introduction of a mobile POS solution significantly reduced in-store queues, leading to enhanced sales and heightened customer satisfaction metrics.

"Priority has been our trusted partner for the past 13 years, enabling our company's growth. Their end-to-end solution streamlines core logistical and financial processes, seamlessly connects our chain stores and eCommerce portal to a centralized retail management system, and significantly enhances customer satisfaction."

Aviad Tsabary , Saar Ltd. CEO

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