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Kiwi plans to expand abroad and implement Priority’s retail management solutions in stores overseas.

Kiwi plans to expand abroad and implement Priority’s retail management solutions in stores overseas.




About KIWI

Founded in 2010, Kiwi is one of Israel’s leading children’s and babies’ clothing brands.

Kiwi specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing a diverse range of up-to-date and high-quality children’s apparel. The Kiwi chain employs thousands of workers and operates over 170 stores throughout the country in malls, shopping centers, and main streets.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Before implementing Priority’s unified retail management system, Kiwi managed about 17 stores. They used standard pos system interfaced with few different software providers in the country and had no ERP system implemented.

This customer searched the market for a while for the right solution understanding they will need a strong ERP to support their activity and growth.

As part of Kiwi’s expansion plan, they needed to implement a modern and scalable ERP-based retail management system to streamline operations, support increased transaction volumes, and manage chain-wide business and logistic processes.

The Solution

The Solution

Priority provided Kiwi with a holistic retail management solution to unify all retail business processes and incorporate advanced ERP features to comprehensively support the full range of Kiwi’s activities and logistic processes, online and offline.

Led by Kiwi’s management team and the Chief Information Officer, Kiwi implemented Priority’s end-to-end retail management system to help them manage all retail business processes from one unified, hyper-connected system.

The implementation included advanced extended Fashion Management and Manufacturing modules, a Supply Chain Management solution, a cutting-edge head office suite for managing complex crm and loyalty programs and gift cards, a Headless Commerce Engine for a seamless omnichannel customer experience, an E-commerce
system, and multiple points of sale.

Over the years, Priority has developed many software adaptations to adhere to the rapidly changing requirements due to changes in the industry landscape.

To streamline the inventory and warehousing processes, Kiwi implemented Priority’s items classification module that helped them optimize the processes of receiving, sorting, storing, and allocating the ever-increasing amounts of goods and items.

The Results

The Results

Kiwi modernized operations in all business areas and experienced a significant revenue increase.

By streamlining and automating warehouse operations, Kiwi can ensure accurate goods delivery, easily predict demand and automate replenishment, eliminate manual processes, and optimize staffing, which leads to significant cost savings.

As part of the accelerated growth, Kiwi acquired the operations of Honigman Kids and currently manages 175 stores nationwide, enjoys high profitability, and is facing an IPO on the stock exchange.

The company plans to expand abroad and implement Priority’s retail management solutions in stores overseas.

"Priority is definitely one of our main growth drivers,. Today, as we rapidly expand, all chain stores and the eCommerce are seamlessly connected a unified management suite that tremendously supports rapid optimization of all aspects of the retail business processes."

Betzalel Ben Shalom, KIWI CEO

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