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About Sela Binuy

Founded in 2002, Sela delivers holistic construction project management services, from initiating and marketing to constructing highly funded real estate assets for the residential, commercial, and business sectors.

Sela specializes in identifying potential plots and implementing advanced construction methods while upholding quality and excellence. Sela handles the entire value chain, from locating and purchasing lots to project development, management, planning, and licensing processes.

The Challenge

The Challenge

In the past, Sela used different systems and manually cross-referenced data to manage various construction & real estate management processes, such as procurement accounting. The multiplicity of disconnected solutions and manual work caused interoperability issues and multiple failures and mistakes that led to excessive financial expenditure, missed opportunities, and redundant processes.

In recent years, Sela experienced extensive growth and expansion. As the number of projects increased, they sought a unified system to consolidate the data and provide a unified business overview. Being a one-stop-shop, Sela needed a comprehensive solution that facilitates the broad spectrum of the organization’s activities to help us manage multiple business processes.

The Solution

The Solution

Of the many systems Sela examined, Priority offered the most comprehensive solution to the unique business needs associated with the complex construction and real estate industry.

Sela chose Priority ERP since it provided a single, unified, exceptionally flexible, scalable, and user-friendly solution that covers many modules and sectors, and Priority Partner Medatech, for the implementation, as they are a renowned service provider greatly experienced in delivering solutions to organizations operating in the construction & real estate industries.

The Results

The Results

Using Priority, Sela manages all processes in one independent system. Sela gained the ability to track every financial expenditure, automate manual processes, and streamline operations. “Priority’s frequent version updates and unique flexibility features allow us to customize the system and rapidly optimize and streamline processes. Shares Naama Brenner, CFO at Sela Binuy Today, Priority helps Sela identify issues rapidly and control authorization settings for all company expenses.

The company maintains a unified database that allows stakeholders to easily analyze the performance of all departments. Priority helps Sela ensure organizational synergy and guarantee adherence to schedules, optimization of procurement processes, contractor management, project budget control, and more.

“In the past, issuing reports and analyzing data required a lot of time collecting and preparing data; with Priority, we are self-reliant and quickly generate new reports according to our needs.” Continues Naama. “Priority’s scalable expansion capability makes operating Sela accelerated growth an effortless experience and contributes to significant resource savings. Priority’s advanced modules and the connectivity to external systems helped us expand to new areas of activity.”

Since going live, Sela constantly develops and implements additional tools. As the residential complex construction projects expanded, Medatech developed a module that will enable us to streamline internal tenant exchange management processes, from selection and procurement, to logistics and financials, all in one system.

In addition, with the establishment of additional trading centers, Sela uses Priority to manage yielding Assets and help us easily control the entire cycle of commercial real estate rental processes.

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