Priority ERP helped ATG Access achieve greater production efficiency

Priority ERP helped ATG Access achieve greater production efficiency




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About ATG Access

ATG Access is the market-leading automatic bollards manufacturer in the UK with over 30 years of experience & investment in developing bollard systems. Utilized by Government Departments, major organizations, public utilities & architectural practices throughout the UK & Europe, ATG’s bollards are used for access control, car park entry systems, perimeter protection, road user charging schemes, home zone protection, and more.

As the original developer of the telescopic bollard concept, ATG Access was the first automatic bollard manufacturer to be given Highways Agency approval. In 2003, they became the first bollard manufacturer awarded the prestigious Secured By Design accreditation.

The Challenge

The Challenge

ATG Access Managing Director, Glenn Cooper, recognized several issues that needed enhancement to facilitate growth.

  • The internal manufacturing operations needed better management, including the controlled use of work orders and sub-contractors management.
  • Customer information needed to be rationalized into a single central data store.
  • ATG sought greater efficiency in reporting business transactions in the financial ledgers through the automated entry of transactional data.
  • Project management had to be fully integrated with the other business disciplines to provide an improved reporting capability for ongoing costs & revenues.
  • Inventory had to be managed and controlled throughout the whole business cycle, including holding separate inventory stocks in service vans.
  • Further issues revolved around the organization’s inability to grow & operate to the levels of required transactional discipline. This resulted in special efforts being made throughout the project by Priority consultants & independent consultants CCL to educate ATG Access staff in the fundamental concepts of manufacturing management & MRP.
The Solution

The Solution

Priority provided a complete ERP solution to cover all areas of the ATG Access business, integrating all their operations within one seamless database. Medatech UK delivered a single point of contact for the supply of software, hardware, network upgrading, and implementation consultancy. The solution consisted of the full standard manufacturing suite of Priority plus the additional modules of Project Management & Customer Service.

The Results

The Results

  • A single, unified Data Base: ATG Access has eliminated the inefficiency of holding multiple data sets in a Sage accounting system, three separate ACT Databases & many disparate Microsoft Excel spreadsheets stored on individual PCs. This has allowed better control, distribution & visibility of information throughout the business.
  • Better Distribution of Strategic Information: Glenn Cooper (M.D.) & his managers have now set targets for Key Performance Indicators drawn directly from the Priority database to help motivate the workforce into attaining ever-improving customer service standards.
  • Greater Efficiencies in Production: ATG sub-assemblies are common across end products, and ATG Access now uses batch production techniques. This was previously impossible while they managed their manufacturing in a job-shop environment.
  • Reduced cost of inventory: With better inventory management, ATG now has better control of stock, a better idea of procurement requirements, and better control of when they purchase and receive materials. This means they can manage their financial performance much better.
  • Improved Service Provision: Better visibility of customer requirements, service history, service contracts, returned materials, field service appointments & van stocks has meant increased service levels & customer satisfaction. Tracking service calls from the first phone call to job sign-off mean nothing slips through the net.
  • Projects are back in the fold: Projects management, a most important part of ATG Access’ business, is integrated with the rest of the business. This means significant efficiencies in the entry & handling of data in a single integrated database. Management of cost and revenue of the major part of their business is coherent and visible
    for the first time.

The solution consisted of the full standard manufacturing suite of Priority plus the additional modules of Project Management & Customer Service.

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