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Help Stillwell Jacks ramp up their operational processes – purchasing, manufacturing, sales, and customer service

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Priority ERP helped transform and accelerate workflows, produce more, and deliver better quality products on time and on budget.

Founded in 2006, Stillwell Jacks, is a company with one goal – to provide its customers with the very best quality and innovative ydraulic jacks for their industry.
Built to last, Stillwell produces some of the fastest and most aąordable hydraulic jacks in the world, able to work in extreme environments on nearly any trailer, all backed by a 2-year warranty. Stillwell manufacturers hydraulic trailer jacks and seals, cylinders, and parts for agriculture, earthmoving equipment, and automotive industries, and US military.

“Priority’s taken the manual management out of running the business, and today, we can do a lot more with less.” Zac Stillwell, VP of Operations at Stillwell Jacks





With a fast-growing business and delivering products nationwide, the Stillwell team knew they could no longer rely on Quickbooks to manage their accounting. They needed an alternative to manage their entire operations, namely manufacturing and order tracking. “We worked based on memory and printed out customer orders that often got lost in a pile of paperwork,” said Zac Stillwell, VP of Operations. “We knew we couldn’t handle our growth without a system in place to cover purchasing, manufacturing, sales, and customer service.”
Leading the team, Zac understood the advantages of ERP, and how a single, company-wide, cross-functional platform, could do the job. “Clearly, ERP was the next logical step,” said Zac. “In this industry, we’re constantly creating new products to better serve our customers, but we're also developing new technologies, to grow our brand and remain competitive.” After meeting with several ERP vendors and seeing system
demos, Stillwell Jacks chose Priority ERP. 


“We knew we needed an open, flexible, and scalable ERP system that could grow as our business grows. Priority quickly convinced us that they were the right choice, and we agreed. Priority’s modules and functionality were a perfect fit for our immediate needs.”
A thorough onboarding, implementation, and user training program were fast put into place. “We were ready for a long and exhausting process, but the Priority implementation team were quick and professional, which meant little to no system downtime.” Zac added, “Processes are really straightforward and are delivered in manageable size steps. Our employees, all new Priority users, adapted relatively quickly, too. The UI is super intuitive, and once you understand the basics, it’s easy to become proficient – and that’s a huge benefit.”


The Priority implementation has so far achieved:

“We’ve identified our next module expansion and are eager to get started,” he replied. “I know that adding a shipping interface, something that Priority oąers via an open API, will save us a lot of time and reduce manual errors. Truth is, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Stillwell and Priority ERP.” 

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