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The Power of BPM in Your ERP: What you need to know

Business Process Management (BPMBPM) tools lay the foundation for ERP systems. They control the flow of information between individuals or departments and direct it to the next processing stage according to an established workflow map. A good system should enable managers to monitor the progress of any process in the organization, handle and escalate exceptions, and generate reports that can be used to enhance performance.

An ERP BPM module  “adds” a layer of management and control for operational business workflows across your entire organization, effectively linking together entire processes, disparate business units, projects, teams, associated documents, and data.

BPM is often referred to as the ‘heart’ of an ERP, powers your operational business processes, and allows your employees to view all of the processes they are involved in, be it purchasing, invoicing, sales, inventory, warehousing, production, and more. Teams and individual employees can share processes across departments, companies, and even with other stakeholders in the supply chain. 

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