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About Trutex

Trutex Ltd, founded in 1865 under the name Clitheroe Shirting Company, has grown to become the largest independent school uniform brand. The company specializes in producing a wide range of schoolwear items, including uniforms and sportswear. Trutex distributes its products through various channels, including a chain of independent retailers, a unique mail-order service, and a ‘Direct to Schools’ scheme. The latter initiative allows schools to receive a donation from Trutex with every purchase, making it a mutually beneficial arrangement.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Back in 2006. David Storey. the Managing Director of Trutex Ltd. recognized the need for a new IT system to help them overcome challenges related to un-integrated data used to manage the same pool of stock for their three lines of business: wholesale, retail, and on line. Consequently, inventory had to be segregated between the systems leading to massive inefficiencies, over-stocking in some areas and shortage in others.

In addition, A vast amount of time and resources were spent on manual processes such as mailing invoices, statements and order confirmations, affecting productivity and efficiency.

The inefficiencies in inventory and poor stock control equated to poor customer satisfaction, loss of business, and lack of
control over the company’s financial resources.

The Solution

The Solution

Priority delivered a fully integrated ERP solution and an advanced Warehouse Management System that facilitates advanced automation features, and provides visibility across all key areas of the business and helps streamline all departments and processes.

Priority ERP provided accurate costing information for each product using the comprehensive part parameter matrix facility. It provided the ability to manage demand across all elements of the supply chain, automate orders management, improve customer satisfaction, lower inventory values and plan purchases to maximize cash flow and profitability.

The Results

The Results

  • Improved efficiency and cost saving The automation of orders management and statements, invoices and shipping confirmations distribution. Customers now receive an order confirmation within 30 minutes of it being placed and the order will not be seen by human eyes until it is collated in one of the Trutex warehouses.
  • Order can be dispatched in as little as one hour, and because full details of a customers order are made available so soon, mistakes can be picked up on and remedied before the order is shipped, meaning fewer returns. Additionally. Priority can directly integrate with the OHL tracking system. allowing customers to track their orders
    in real-time.
  • Better visibility of the business –  Priority generates the executive reporting that provides key business performance metrics. Accurate costing of products enabled better identification of profitable products and streamlined product-pricing regime.
  • Trutex improved stock control by regaining control of its inventory and reducing the time and cost associated with expensive stock movements. Priority enabled Trutex to minimize the physical movement of stock and ensure that those that are necessary are executed as efficiently as possible. The entire supply chain, has achieved complete visibility, resulting in minimized stock movements.
  • Supply chain management – Priority’s WMS helped Trutex automate its supply chain processes and achieve complete control over the entire order, procurement, supply, delivery, invoice, and payment process. The advanced wireless handheld barcode devices, enabled highly automated picking processes.
  • Product Costing – Trutex can now accurately determine the pricing of their products across multiple sizes, styles, and colors. This includes products that are purchased ready to sell, as well as those that are bought plain and sent to subcontractors for embroidery work.

“Priority has dramatically improved the efficiency of Trutex’s business processes and made them more cost effective. The orders, statements, invoices, and shipping confirmations automation alone saved Trutex around £15.000 in 2009.”

John Hogan, Group Operation Director

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