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Enhanced guest experience

Gain a 360 view of your guests with Optima CRM and upgrade your customer relationship. Optima CRM combines guest CRM, customer CRM, loyalty programs, and Central Reservation Systems (CRS) into a single, integrated platform, fully compatible with Optima PMS. It simplifies the management of guest and customer interactions, enabling superior service delivery and revenue enhancement. Ideal for larger hotel chains, Optima CRM offers a specialized solution for managing complex hospitality environments.

Personalized Guest Experiences for Increased Customer Spend

Gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer accounts, including personal details, preferences, reservation history across all hotels, activity statistics, and more, from the moment a reservation is made. These help optimize the sales process, supporting hospitality teams in forging stronger connections with guests through personalized, targeted marketing strategies, considering room and hotel preferences—such as high floor requests, sea views, and extra pillows—along with personal preferences like music style and cuisine choices. These preferences can include any categories defined by the hotel, ensuring marketing activities are precisely tailored to each guest’s likes and interests. The built-in integration with Optima PMS provides quick access to essential screens and data, guaranteeing guests experience consistent, personalized service.

A Single, Unified, Match & Merge Customer View

Optima CRM offers an advanced tool for maintaining clean and concise hotel data. The Match & Merge feature allows hotels to define specific parameters for identifying potential duplicate guest profiles, which can then be effortlessly consolidated. This ensures that new profiles created in the CRM, CRS, or directly at the hotel are promptly cross-referenced with existing profiles, according to customized criteria. This process prevents data redundancy and facilitates the use of existing profiles, instead of creating new ones.

Centralized Loyalty Program Management for Club Members Across Hotel Interactions

Launch Loyalty Programs that utilize centralized guest profiles to deliver a comprehensive customer experience. Optima CRM enables the creation and management of multiple, loyalty programs that run in parallel, with different logic for accumulating points and rewards. The system automatically configures reward points and updates according to guest activities. Optima CRM simplifies the redemption process and simplifies the club member enrollment through the CRM, PMS, and the hotel’s website. Club members can easily monitor their points and membership status via the hotel’s website, and are identified during every interaction—POS, spa, housekeeping, reception, or CRO—and enjoy benefits and services according to their loyalty status and program specifics.


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Seamless Product Integration

Smooth operation with all other Optima products

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Family Member Management

Offers detailed handling of guests' family members, allowing the creation of unlimited companion sub-profiles with contact and member information

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Club Member Data Management

Manage club members' stay and revenue information, calculation of points and their application as a payment method.

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Guest Classification and Segmentation:

Based on various parameters, catering to different guest types and interests for personalized engagement.

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Meal Planning

a comprehensive meal forecast that includes the dining requirements of both hotel guests and event attendees.

Sales Task Management

Assign tasks, target dates, and track performance, including budget and target management by customer levels with actual performance insights.

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