Business Hotels Management Solution

Focus on your corporate customers with seamless engagements, complimented by event, conference, and group bookings

Business Hotels Management Solution

Enhance Corporate Hospitality with Precision and Scale

Business hotel management software designed to fulfill the specific needs of large business city hotels, Optima PMS for Business hotels focuses on corporate functionality. Efficiently manage company profiles, including special rates, allocations, exclusive offers, services tailored exclusively for business guests, and adaptable credit and payment terms. The PMS features an advanced reservation system that smooths out booking processes for business travelers and caters to the requirements of large groups and conventions. It also provides additional services for corporate guests, such as meeting rooms, conference facilities, and customized amenities. Through real-time analytics for informed decision-making and its capability to manage high-volume transactions, Optima PMS optimizes hotel operations and elevates the overall experience for business guests, ensuring a productive and comfortable visit.

Boost Hotel Revenue with Powerful Analytics and Dynamic Pricing

Increase your revenue opportunities by implementing dynamic pricing and gaining insights into occupancy. With its robust analytics, Optima PMS enables hotel management to optimize room rates based on various reports and statistics. The Optima PMS system also makes managing corporate accounts, group bookings, and convention spaces easy. By providing real-time data and forecasting tools, Optima empowers business hotels to make strategic pricing decisions, attract more clients, and enhance overall revenue performance.

Boost Hotel Revenue With Powerful Analytics And Dynamic Pricing

Group Booking and Event Management Made Easy

Efficiently manage group bookings and events using robust tools that help coordinate large bookings, conferences, and events. With Optima PMS, you can create reservation bundles for hotel rooms, meeting rooms, and banqueting services under one reservation. This feature enables precise tracking of the entire order, ensuring smooth event execution and enhancing the overall experience for local and international companies, business travelers, and event attendees.

Group Booking And Event Management Made Easy

Corporate Account Management

Optima PMS simplifies corporate account management through its user-friendly interface that streamlines the booking process and accommodates diverse corporate needs with personalized billing options. Optima PMS is designed to effortlessly handle the specific requirements of corporate clientele, ensuring efficient communication, customized services, and transparent transactions.

Corporate Account Management

Key Capabilities

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Seamless Online Booking

Direct integration with leading international sales channels for real-time online bookings.

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GDS Connectivity

Full integration with Global Distribution Systems for expanded reach, including consortia services.

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Seamless integrations with a wide range of external programs, devices, and apps.

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Detailed Company Profiles

In-depth recording and tracking of company histories and details.

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Flexible Group and Corporate Reservations

Customizable booking options, including variable room types, numbers, guests, plans, prices, and statuses.

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Versatile Rate Setting

Supports an unlimited array of tariffs and daily rate configurations.

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