Optima POS

From Check-Out to Cash-In: extend your hotel services with next-gen Hotel Point of sale.

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Enhance sales and gain insights into customer expenses, across multiple service areas.

Optima POS is a comprehensive sales management solution for managing cash registers, products & rates, that offer advanced functionality with in-depth insights into customer transactions and spend across the hotel’s various service outlets, including restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, and retail stores. Integrated into a single, unified interface – Optima PMS that offers complete visibility into all hotel revenue centers. Its seamless integration with Optima PMS ensures that all sales data is accurately reflected in guest profiles and folios, including those related to events and other services, facilitating a consistent and accurate guest experience across different service points.

Unified Customer Insights: Track and Analyze Hotel Guest Spend

Connecting all Points of Sale with Optima PMS offers hotels a comprehensive overview of guest interactions and transactions and facilitates tracking and analysis of guest purchases, creating detailed profiles that show spending patterns. a holistic view of customer behavior and the ability to analyze the revenue generated by their various amenities, from dining experiences to spa services, Optima POS empowers hotels with the tools to identify opportunities to improve service offerings , personalize guest experiences and increase revenue.

Advanced POS for Table and Order Management

Optima POS offers comprehensive tables management for restaurants and bars. Including table locations, order-taking by seating arrangement, and capabilities to move and split tables for flexible dining configurations. Additionally, Optima POS caters to quick service outlets like fast food counters, shops, takeaways, and Quick service outlets. It supports multiple kitchen printers simultaneously, enabling initial orders, fire commands, and comprehensive table orders to be seamlessly communicated to kitchen staff and the maître d’hôtel.

Seamlessly manage your hotel business unit (revenue center) or outlet.

Having a single point that oversees all the POS activities in the hotel allows a real-time snapshot of the various services and sales. With this information, you can evaluate the performance of each hotel business unit in real-time, enabling you to enhance the additional hotel services and revenue centers.

The end-to end integration from POS through PMS to back-end hotel ERP creates a central nervous system for the entire hotel operation, streamlining everything from reservations and billing to restaurant orders and guest services. This translates to happier guests with faster checkouts, fewer errors, and a clearer view of hotel performance for management.

Employee Performance Management with Optima POS

Optima POS ensures comprehensive management of the operational workflow across all Points of Sale in your hotel. Optima POS includes features to meticulously monitor and manage employee performance across the hotel’s various Points of Sale, from management AND scheduling of employee shifts and tracking individual sales performance for both cashiers and waitstaff, to ensuring cash balance accuracy, and facilitating kitchen order communications.
It provides a comprehensive approach to managing the workforce across all hotel Points of Sale, encompassing everything from shift scheduling to real-time sales monitoring.


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Table Service Outlet (TSO)

Comprehensive table and order management.

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Quick Service Outlet (QSO)

Optimizes fast food counter operations through efficient order processing.

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Remote Kitchen Printer Support

Enables direct kitchen order printing and firing commands for timely service.

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Diverse Payment Options

Supports various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and foreign currencies, among others.

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Extensive Menu Customization

Offers unlimited customization for food and beverage items, featuring numerous pricing options for promotions like Happy Hour and special offers.

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Complimentary Services for All-Inclusive Guests

Implements zero charges on specific pre-defined items for guests with all-inclusive packages.

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Cashier/POS Monitoring and Control

Provides detailed oversight of cashier activities, including sales, returns, adjustments, credits, and financial reconciliations.

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Detailed Business Insights

Offers detailed daily updates on sales, revenue, and POS reports by station and profit center.

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