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Global Brands Gallery streamlined retail operations and improved efficiency with Priority’s Retail Management solution



About Global Brands Gallery

Global Brands Gallery Ltd. (GBG) is a privately owned international company that imports and markets leading global brands and serves as an exclusive distributor of international fashion brands in Israel. Among its brands are the brands GUESS and DKNY, the American shoe brands SAM EDELMAN and CIRCUS NY, the French luxury brand VILEBREQUIN, and the fashion/comfort shoe brand BAYTON, among others.

The company directly manages the GUESS, DKNY, SAM EDELMAN, and VILEBREQUIN stores, and operates the multi-brand store chain G-CONCEPT STORE. The company operates a leading online sales site at, and distributes products to hundreds of wholesale points throughout the country

The Challenge

The Challenge

Global Brands Gallery faced a significant challenge due to the breadth of its operations. Managing business processes for multiple international brands, each with different business practices, was a daunting task. Global Brands Gallery needed a comprehensive solution to unify and streamline the simultaneous management of both retail and wholesale processes, operational procedures such as reporting and control, and customer-facing interfaces such as digital marketing and e-commerce.

The Solution

The Solution

Priority Software provided a complete technology infrastructure for the holistic management of Global Brands Gallery’s broad retail business. The solution included:

  • Cloud storage and backup to ensure data security and easy accessibility
  • Interface with top payment gateway providers and business partners for smooth transactions
  • Functional reach Point-of-sale to facilitate retail operations
  • Head office with a fashion matrix module to manage the diverse catalog of international brands
  • An employee attendance reporting system for improved HR management
  • A control dashboard that displays real-time store and e-commerce site performance for informed decision-making

Priority’s retail solution connected to Global Brands Gallery’s ERP system, unifying catalog data, orders, customer information, and inventory in real-time. This integration created a complete omnichannel experience for customers, harmonizing retail and digital spaces.

The Results

The Results

By adopting Priority’s Retail Management software, Global Brands Gallery successfully streamlined its retail operations into a single management platform. The consolidation of all business data has significantly improved operational efficiency, eliminating the complexities of managing multiple brands with disparate practices.

Priority’s retail solution has empowered Global Brands Gallery to seamlessly manage retail and wholesale processes, operational procedures, and customer-facing interfaces through one system. The unification of data and systems has allowed the company to create a comprehensive omnichannel experience, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Moving forward, Global Brands Gallery is confident in its ability to expand its retail operations with the robust infrastructure provided by Priority. Priority's retail management system helps us manage our business processes efficiently and effectively, and I highly recommend Priority to any business looking for a comprehensive solution to manage their retail operations

Gal Perlman, CEO at Global Brands Gallery

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