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An advanced and integrated system, Priority Automotive ERP offers a robust, end-to-end solution for today’s fast-paced automotive services industry, including management and control of service centers, garages, parts suppliers, and importers. With Priority at the wheel, your business will increase productivity and enhance the customer experience, while saving valuable time, resources, and costs.

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Priority ERP software boasts a long history as a highly-efficient and reliable solution for the automotive services industry, where our customers benefit from fully optimized and automated workflows to reduce expenses, and consistently deliver quality customer service and support. If you’re an automotive service center owner, parts supplier, or importer, Priority ERP will help you better manage your business operations and increase your bottom line.  

An ideal solution for managing parts inventory, Priority provides real-time insights into your inventory, allowing you to quickly identify overstock or understock. Priority efficiently manages jobs and work orders, generates invoices based on service calls and contracts, determines material requirements based on sales orders, open work orders, or frequency of need, manages parts and labor cost allocation, while our best-in-class financial analysis tools provide a holistic view of your operations. 

Priority ERP helps you manage comprehensive customer service and support, to increase, leverage and maintain customer loyalty and customer retention. With built-in customer management tools, you can store and view customer billing information, past purchases, discount levels, vehicle and equipment history data, initiate and manage periodic maintenance, and more. Priority’s built-in BPM allows you to build and customize your business processes, to better understand, improve, and automate your entire workflow. 

Enhance customer service and boost customer retention


  • Real-time business insights
  • Simplify complex operational processes 
  • Accountability w/ integrated financials
  • Tight control over budgets/cash flow
  • Advanced customer management tools

Key Functionalities


Manage Jobs & Work Orders


Generate Customer Invoices

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Customer Management


Inventory Control


MRP & Purchase Planning


Parts & Labor Cost Allocation

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