Priority partners with Tova ERP to enhance its solutions offering

04 Jun, 2020

New technology partner provides advanced, intuitive document scanning solution for Priority cloud ERP customers

Tel Aviv District, Israel – June 3, 2020 – Priority Software Ltd., a leading global provider of business management solutions, today announced the expansion of its ISV network, signing a technology agreement with Tova ERP, a provider of innovative, easy-to-use document scanning solutions designed for Priority cloud-based ERP customers, to simplify and streamline the document scanning process.

Tova ERP, the only document scanning solution on the market today that serves Priority cloud ERP customers, enables fast and seamless document scanning integrated into the Priority ERP system. Following easy installation on the Priority user’s work station, the software prompts an automatic connection to the scanner. Tova ERP’s document scanning solutions work on both cloud and local servers. 

Tova ERP offers scanning options for both external and internal Priority documents. For external documents, users can scan any document type using a standard scanner connected to their work station. Scanned documents are uploaded as attachments directly into Priority, such as vendor/customer invoices, purchase orders, customer tasks, vendor/customer information cards, and more. For internal documents, once they are scanned, they are uploaded automatically to Priority’s CRM. This option is ideal for scanning and processing customer invoices, and customer shipping certificates.

A leading ERP solution provider, Priority Software thrives on innovation, delivering the tools and functionality to meet the unique needs of its customers, and is now, proud to offer its customers the ability to quickly and easily scan documents directly into Priority. Powered by flexibility, system openness and mobility tools, Priority believes that ERP systems should and can be easier to use, easier to implement and easier to maintain and enhance. Priority supports manufacturing processes and workflows by delivering the necessary tools to achieve this flexibility, including Business Process Management (BPM), mobile application generator, user-level personalization, business rules generator, and more.


Avi Troub, VP International Sales & Channel at Priority Software, said, “We warmly welcome Tova ERP to our fast-growing ISV network, as we continue to onboard new and exciting solutions to complement Priority ERP, and give measurable added-value to our customers worldwide. Our ability to now deliver a trusted and highly-responsive document scanning solution, including digital signature inside Priority, will help enhance the overall user experience, and in turn, help us expand our customer on a global scale.”


“We are excited about our new technology agreement with Priority and the opportunity to serve Priority customers with a dedicated document scanning solution,” said Tova Arbiv, Tova ERP General Manager. “I am confident that Priority cloud customers will take advantage of this new integration offering, and that its noted benefits will encourage more organizations to get onboard and enhance their Priority ERP experience. This new integration is further proof of Priority ERP’s system openness and flexibility, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership between our two companies.”


About Tova ERP
Headquartered in Israel, and an authorized Priority Software Technology Partner, Tova ERP provides dedicated document scanning solutions for Priority cloud ERP customers worldwide.  Developed by skilled and experienced Priority ERP implementers and project managers, Tova ERP brings a wealth of expertise in UX/UI and building and integrating software solutions directly into Priority. Tova ERP offers scanning solutions for both external and internal Priority documents, including vendor/customer invoices, purchase orders, customer tasks, vendor/customer information cards, and more. For more information and product details, visit Priority Market.