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Introducing Priority V 18.0


Priority announced the recent release of Priority ERP Version 18.0. In this version, we are proud to proud to present Priority’s new Mobile Application Generator used for accessing Priority via mobile devices. The mobile app generator is an innovative tool designed to quickly and easily develop customized mobile applications that enable employees to access business-critical functions and tasks – at any time and from any location.

For users looking to leverage additional capabilities and embed external components, V 18.0 also includes a new, innovative programming tool, the Web/Mobile Software Development Toolkit (SDK). The new SDK allows developers to edit code for their own benefit in specific use cases. Released as a standard JavaScript Library, the SDK is easily accessible to the widest possible community of developers, enabling any web developer to build applications that use Priority as the back-end. 

In response to customer requirements, the new version also features improvements in various modules, including Payroll, Time and Attendance, Financials, Warehouse Management System (WMS) and other field modules, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory, Customer Service, Programming and System Maintenance and more.

Version highlights include:

Mobile App Generator – An exceptionally high-quality, high-standard app that delivers an enhanced user experience and includes hassle-free backend integration, built-in security and user management, does not require programming skills, ideal for remote and field employees to easily engage with customers and enables business teams to increase marketing/sales campaigns, enhance customer service and support and make better and quicker business decisions using the app’s real-time analytics

Payroll, Time and Attendance – Noted enhancements in Reporting Project Hours, Taxes (e.g. new Income Tax Benefits form), Attendance App for convenient use on tablets and mobile devices, Attendance Reporting and Payroll Definitions

Financials – New tools include Update Weights of Indirect Costs, Bank Reconciliations, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable now with easy preparation of Multi-Shipment Invoices, Sales Invoices and Invoice Revisions, a host of upgrades in Changes to Financial Constants reporting and more

Warehouse Management System (WMS) – Enhancements in Warehouse Tasks and Pick Bin, new Master Pallets form and its sub-level, Pallets on Master Pallets, and an enhanced Field Delivery Tracking module / API Field License, enabling users to interface with Priority via a REST API

Sales, Purchasing and Inventory – Now including enhancements in Report Generators, Sales Order forms, Shipping Docs/Sales Invoices and Assembly Reporting

Customer Service – Upgrades in Setting Up Customer Service, Service Contracts, Service Calls, Catalogue of Parts and more

Programming and System Maintenance – New programming tool, Web/Mobile Software Development Toolkit (SDK) enables users to develop new Priority interfaces with JavaScript, enhancements in TTS Tasks, Employee Authorization and improvements in various User Permissions and ability to write user privileges


Want to learn more? View/Download Priority V 18.0 Release Notes