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Dec. 14, 2021

Yes, There’s an App for That Too!

Keren Sherer Taiber

VP Product Management
Yes, There’s an App for That Too!

Mobile ERP is an essential tool for organizations of all sizes to perform business operations on-the-go. It enables work-from-home (WFM) and remote working, while synchronizing data from various sources in real-time, all to a central ERP system database. More importantly, it equips employees with easy-to-use, always-available solutions that help them to perform their best anywhere, anytime.

Alongside full-fledged mobile ERP suites, many vendors offer standalone apps for a variety of business functions. These out-of-the-box mobile apps prove the not-so-old adage, “Yes, there’s an app for that too!”

Here are some popular and super-useful mobile applications:

App to manage e-commerce transactions

Dedicated mobile apps to handle customer service, marketing automation and derive business insights, are necessary for organizations that rely on effective CRM capabilities. Although mobile ERP is available with a CRM module, a dedicated Salesforce app that synchronizes data with your ERP system may be the way to go. In short, it helps you manage e-commerce transactions and build customer relationships on-the-go.

App to offer unmatched service to customers

If your business relies on ensuring customer satisfaction post-sales, a dedicated service app is essential. It automates and streamlines the process of raising tickets, identifying issues, sending service technicians to customer locations, and more. Once a repair is made during a service call, for example, the very same app confirms the completion of the task, including time incurred, spare parts used, customer approval, and digital signature. In turn, it eliminates unnecessary delays, formalities, and endless waiting to have customers’ products repaired onsite.

Mobile solutions for superior warehousing operations

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) can also be integrated into a mobile ERP app. WMS helps you handle your warehousing operations efficiently, from managing and controlling inventory, to conducting audits and gaining business insights, a dedicated WMS app helps monitor and manage your entire warehousing operations remotely.

Track shipping and deliveries in real-time from a dedicated app

Making deliveries on time is essential to keep customer satisfaction scores high. The ideal solution to ensuring that shipping and deliveries are smooth and hassle-free, is to use a dedicated mobile ERP delivery app. This app helps off-site distribution and delivery teams meet delivery dates, eliminate errors, control shipping costs, respond immediately to customer delivery status requests, and track shipments in real-time, from around the corner, or around the globe.

Mobile Point-of-Sale app

An mPOS or mobile POS is a portable point of sale on a mobile device or table that essentially functions as a cash register. A mobile POS is an ideal solution for businesses on-the-go, enabling mobile food trucks, home repair services, and food & beverage vendors to accept credit card payments, literally, on wheels. It ensures that customers’ financial data remains safe and secure, while allowing business to comply with data protection regulations, and it’s quick and convenient.

Automated purchase approvals for enhanced productivity

A mobile purchase approval app is designed to manage purchases on-the-go. Via the app, users can view the date, time, cost, supplier, part, labor information, and even who submitted the purchase order. What’s more, users can track and store approvals history for future reference or audit purposes, and even drill down further into parts and labor data to potentially identify new sales opportunities.

Track time and attendance remotely

With remote working and WFM becoming the norm around the globe, it’s important to allow employees to mark their own attendance and track their time. A dedicated time and attendance app (or a module inside a mobile ERP) helps employees to track their time automatically. Some dedicated apps can also record periods of inactivity, to help facilitate project and/or team time management.

Mobile apps for every business process

Although ERP is a full-fledged business management solution to automate and optimize operational business processes, to add value to their customers, many ERP vendors offer out-of-the-box mobile applications for a number of popular but specific business operations. These include apps to manage e-commerce transactions, deliver service and support, oversee warehousing, track deliveries, and many more. These and other niche apps work in conjunction with your ERP system to automatically sync your mobile data with your ERP system, to maintain business continuity, and help your business to grow. So, truth be told, it really isn’t an exaggeration to claim, “There’s an app for that too,” because chances are, there already is.

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Keren Sherer Taiber

VP Product Management

Since joining Priority in 1998, Keren has progressed through several leadership positions and now leads as the Director of Product Strategy. She has an industrial engineering degree and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. Her journey reflects a consistent dedication to advancement and excellence.