Guardex Transformed Its Operations and Revolutionized Inventory Management and Customer Experience

Guardex Transformed Its Operations and Revolutionized Inventory Management and Customer Experience


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About Guardex

Guardex is a leading distributor of garden gates, fences and terrace roofings. Established in 1989, Guardex originated as a plant nursery and flower shop in Zonhoven. Over the years, the business expanded to include garden gates and fencing materials, responding to the growing demand for security and privacy. Now located in Genk, the company offers an extensive range of garden gates, fences and terrace roofings, distributing to gardeners, fencing companies, businesses, and private customers.

The Challenge

The challenge

Before adopting Priority ERP, Guardex managed its business operations primarily through Excel spreadsheets, tracking everything from inventory to orders. Though initially functional, this method lacked integration, resulting in fragmented operations and inefficiencies.
As the company grew and demand increased, it became apparent that using spreadsheets had limitations. Guardex required an integrated ERP solution to support its growth and enhance customer experience. Guardex sought the advice of an independent business process expert, who assisted them in assessing and picking the appropriate ERP system. As a result, they opted for Priority ERP, which suited their requirement for a more comprehensive and efficient operational strategy.

The Solution

The solution

Implementing Priority ERP at Guardex improved their business operations by introducing standardized item numbers and a structured organization for their diverse product range, simplifying the management of their varied product range.
One of the significant areas of improvement for Guardex was its inventory management. With inventory distributed over four locations and a one-acre area, accurately keeping inventory track was challenging. However, the store gained greater clarity with Priority’s detailed inventory mapping, mainly through bins. This also made it easier and quicker to onboard new employees.
In the retail environment, Priority ERP made significant impacts. The assignment of unique identifiers to customers, quotes, and orders simplified management processes and improved customer communication. Store staff can now access real-time information, reducing uncertainties and customer disputes and increasing customer satisfaction.
Moreover, Priority ERP centralized all data, ensuring uniformity across the company. This uniformity means all employees can access consistent and current information, reducing the likelihood of data discrepancies and internal conflicts and improving overall business efficiency.

The Result

The result

Implementing Priority ERP has improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. Data centralization ensured uniformity and up-to-date information across the company, reducing conflicts and enhancing overall business operations. The ERP system’s impact was also felt in-store, with employees now able to quickly check inventory status, leading to fewer disputes and higher customer satisfaction.

The ability to add fields and adapt the system to specific needs was invaluable. In addition, Priority's team played an important role in finding solutions within the standard process, reducing the need for customization.

Giel Meertens, the business manager of Guardex

Guardex has also successfully integrated BarTender, a barcode labelling software, with Priority ERP, underscoring their ongoing commitment to innovation and excellent customer service.

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