The Complete Guide to ERP for Startups

The Complete Guide To Erp For Startups

Significantly enhance productivity and efficiency

For most startup companies, this means forging ahead at lightning speed, supported by a veritable “mix” of software products and tools. From legacy spreadsheets to free, downloadable business or accounting apps that don’t work together and don’t share a common database. Over time, data gets lost, and teams have to rely on manual processes to get the job done.

Implementing an ERP system is how a startup can “keep up,” to significantly enhance productivity, efficiency, and their bottom line. Larger companies and enterprise-level corporations are required to manage and account for every conceivable corner of their operations. 

“We’re a startup, we can’t afford an ERP.”

Truth is, you can’t afford ‘not’ to implement an ERP system. According to a recent report from business software and services review website,, the top reasons for implementing an ERP are increasing efficiency (35%) and cost advantage (29%). The report also cites that an unprecedented 95% of businesses, irrespective of their size, achieve major improvements after using ERP via reduced process time, increased collaboration, and centralized company data. 

Now is the time for ERP

While it’s never easy to estimate precisely ‘when’ to implement an ERP system, most startups tend to wait until they have a ready product or service to take to market. With startups closely monitored, scrutinized, and often have limited budgets, the upfront costs of an ERP system can be difficult to pitch to a board of directors. But if you can no longer manage and control your operational processes and your finances, then it’s the right time for ERP. 

Deciding to invest in an ERP system, is a difficult, time-consuming task in itself. High costs are often a deterrent for startups who can’t see ERP’s full potential from the get-go. However, over time, startups can achieve increased ROI in terms of reduced operating expenses, shorter sales cycles, and lower costs to manufacture goods or deliver services to end-customers.

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Your ERP system will yield measurable results

Your startup company was established to fundamentally produce, to deliver, to grow – and to become profitable.

Perhaps one of the best investments you will ever make, an ERP system will ultimately manage, control, monitor and automate your operational business processes, from start to finish. When all is said and done, your ERP system will yield measurable results – and save you valuable time, resources, costs (and headaches), across the board.

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