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Foster data-driven decision-making

A culture of goal achievement for enhanced employee management

Priority Mybranch

Empower your team and boost sales with complete, in-store operational visibility

Gain real-time insights into your store’s performance, empower shop employees with the information they need to provide exceptional customer service and take complete operational control of your store with a centralized, data-driven tool. Priority MyBranch offers a comprehensive suite of features that provide visibility and control over all aspects of your store operations and workforce, including onboarding and procedures, employee scheduling, sales performance, and inventory management, and enables you to make informed decisions, identify trends, and optimize performance to drive the success of your store.

Optimize workforce efficiency with advanced employee management

Effectively manage your workforce with a comprehensive, user-friendly employee management interface. Newly onboarded employees can seamlessly familiarize themselves with company policies and procedures thanks to a well-structured onboarding process. This enables them to integrate smoothly into the company. The system offers managers the ability to create highly optimized shift schedules. These schedules consider various factors such as budgetary constraints, individual employee preferences, and compliance with regulatory standards to ensure that staffing levels are maintained at an optimal level. Additionally, the system allows for the assignment and tracking of individual tasks, promoting accountability and boosting overall store productivity.

Intuitive retail dashboards and performance tracking

Our intuitive visual tool delivers real-time insights, empowering store managers to oversee overall store performance and vital KPIs such as sales, conversion rates, and inventory levels. The platform includes diverse dashboard type for monitoring departmental and individual employee targets, including Performance Dashboards, Employee Targets, Incentives Dashboards, and Store Targets Dashboards.

Custom workflows with advanced business process management

Enhance your retail team’s efficiency with an easy-to-use Business Process Management (BPM) tool. This module enables you to visually map and customize workflows tailored to your store’s employees’ tasks and processes. Whether it’s inventory management, order fulfillment, customer service protocols, or cashier procedures, you can create clear, step-by-step guides for each activity. This promotes consistency, reduces errors, and empowers employees to perform their roles effectively, resulting in a smoother and more efficient retail operation. The platform also triggers automated alerts and generates reports at each stage, keeping you informed of potential delays or exceptions, enabling early intervention, and ensuring a seamless customer experience from purchase to product possession.

Catalog and item inventory visibility

Gain full control of your product information with advanced catalog visibility tools. The MyBranch module serves as a centralized hub for all store item data, including product numbers, detailed descriptions, and real-time pricing. It enables the store staff to track inventory levels not only within each store, but also across the entire retail chain, ensuring optimal stock allocation and informed, data driven sales engagements.

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Main features


Workforce Management

Efficient scheduling and tracking of employee shifts.


KPI Dashboards

Real-time tracking and analysis of sales data to set targets and motivate employees.

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Digital Forms

Easy creation and management of employee forms and surveys.

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Knowledge Center

A centralized database for company procedures and policies for onboarding and operations.

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Task Management

Assignment and tracking of tasks across stores.

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BPM (Business Process Management)

Customizable workflows for various business processes.


Social Module

Information sharing for HR and employee engagement.


Signature Management

Streamlined approval processes for documents.


Promotions Management

Management and execution of promotional campaigns.


Catalog and Inventory visibility

Centralized view of product information and inventory levels.

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Office Tools

Integrated email and spreadsheet functionalities.

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