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Cloud ERP

Priority offers on-premise and cloud ERP solutions, both with 100% system functionality.

For our cloud ERP customers, this means enjoying all the basic features of on-premise ERP, in a secure, risk-free environment, ensuring your sensitive business data is fully protected. Ideal for growing companies, Priority’s flexible and scalable cloud ERP enables gradual, steady growth, serving from a few to several thousand users.

In the cloud, your cloud ERP system can help you shift your focus to business outcomes, rather than technology. With Priority cloud ERP, you can turn your attention to running your business, by spending more time on tasks that support strategic growth initiatives, rather than IT administration. What’s more, you can reduce your organization’s IT expenses by removing the need for hardware maintenance and system upgrades. With automatic upgrades as part of the system, cloud-based ERP ensures you’re always using the most up-to-date version.

Priority cloud ERP offers ongoing and automatic ERP cloud software updates, to help to get current, and stay current with fast-changing technologies and markets. With ready access to more innovative business software, you can build a competitive advantage that grows and evolves with the market. With a fast, seamless migration process, Priority’s cloud ERP includes primary modules, such as financials, manufacturing, logistics, human resources, time and attendance, business intelligence, project management, built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and more.

Priority cloud ERP has been recognized by leading global IT and ERP analyst firms, Gartner, IDC, and others, for being a system based on an open, flexible, scalable, multi-language, and multicurrency platform. With full SOC1 and ISO 27001 compliance, Priority cloud ERP is a trusted and reliable solution you can count on. 

Cloud ERP Solutions

The move to Priority Cloud ERP

The response to the global surge in remote working, reduced IT budgets, and the critical need to secure sensitive business data, has led ERP vendors to look for ways to disrupt the market, and accelerate cloud ERP. At Priority, we know that cloud ERP solutions have become so entrenched in organizations of all sizes, that it’s a real challenge to find one that doesn’t have at least one cloud ERP system in use.

Why should you consider Priority cloud ERP? Because in addition to being able to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device, which for many, is reason enough to move to the cloud ERP, Priority cloud ERP is a highly scalable solution. This makes it ideal for growing organizations, because it grows as your business grows. What’s more, cloud ERP is the true definition of innovation first, by delivering the latest ERP software versions and updates in real time.

If you’re considering the proverbial move as part of your migration strategy and transferring your data to the cloud ERP, it’s important to select a vendor who promises a short, seamless migration process, but that’s not all. You’ll also want your new cloud ERP solution to give you the same 100% functionality as that of an on-premise system. With ready access to more innovative business software, you can build a competitive advantage that grows and evolves with the market. And last but not least, you’ll want guaranteed data security, to protect your most valuable asset – your organization’s information. This, and more, is Priority cloud ERP.

Benefits of Priority Cloud ERP:

Because every cloud does have a silver lining.


Innovation. With Priority cloud ERP, you get real-time visibility of your business when you need it most, including the latest ERP cloud software versions and updates, are updated in real-time on the cloud.

Accessibility & mobility.
Because your ERP system is managed in the cloud and global-ready, your teams can access the tools they need from anywhere, and at any time, via any mobile device or tablet.

Fast implementation. Priority cloud ERP will get your business up and running in less time than traditional on-premise ERP systems.

Software updates. Priority cloud ERP gives you one less thing to worry about, ensuring that your teams benefit from the most up-to-date software versions and updates.

Reduced operating costs. With Priority cloud ERP, pricing is based on a flat-rate fee, reducing your implementation costs and overall expenses, plus, your costs are predictable and transparent, with no surprises.

Enhanced security.
At Priority, we consider implementation of clear security policies a necessity, not an option. You can count on Priority’s secure cloud ERP solutions to ensure smooth, uninterrupted service. With full SOC1 and ISO 27001 compliance, Priority cloud ERP is a trusted and reliable solution you can count on.

Customer support. Priority’s cloud ERP solutions offer comprehensive customer support and service. That means if there’s a glitch or an issue, we can resolve it quickly.